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Somaliland: IRS Scanner Technology to Stem Voter Fraud World’s Guinea Pig

Somalilandsun- Somaliland has become the the world’s guinea pig for iris-recognition technology at a presidential poll, The yet to be recognized country became the first...

Somaliland: International Observers Look Forward to Positive Electoral Process Conclusion

Somalilandsun- International observers of Somaliland’s presidential election congratulate the Somaliland people on a peaceful poll and look forward to a positive conclusion to the...

Somaliland: Speculation Galore as Country Awaits Presidential Election Results

Somalilandsun – The entire citizenry is in the grip of a post election vote count speculation with supporters of Wadani and Kulmiye parties claiming...

The Top Marijuana Penny Stock to Watch in 2018

Somalilandsun- The top marijuana penny stock to watch in 2018 has already returned quadruple-digit gains this year. In fact, shares of this company have...

Somaliland: Presidential Candidates Urge peaceful conduct

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The Ngoma Africa Band – East Africa´s golden voices and most wanted Band

The Ngoma Africa Band aka FFU also known as Anunnaki alien, is East Africa´s most wanted band in Europe. The German based band gained...

Dahabshiil Group Builds Conference Hall for Hargeisa University

Somalilandsun- A foundation stone-laying ceremony of a new ultra-modern Conference Hall for Hargeisa University conference hall to be constructed on funds donated by Dahabshiil...

Somalilandsun- Somalilanders are tired of continued allegations that the Opposition Wadani party is affiliated with Somalia. This is according to former water minister Bashe Ali...

Somaliland: Election Observer Mission 2017 is Impartial and Non Partisan

Somalilandsun – “We the international election observer Mission to Somaliland 2017 are not here to pass judgment on any political party or campaign or...

Somaliland: WADANI leader campaigns in both Sool and Saraar in a day

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Somaliland: Kalsan TV banned for alleged Fake news

Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has withdrawn the license of Kalsan TV followong a report displaying video footage of gunshots fired during a ruling...

Somaliland: New Approach for Somali Security Forces to Prevent Terrorism

Somalilandsun- During these dangerous times of high tensions in Somalia, terrorism could quickly end if Somali security forces were trained to form what is...

Somalia Federal Governent Governent Thanks Dahabshil for Apt Response to Blast in Mogadishu

Somalilandsun- Dr. Fozia Abikar Nour, the Federal Government of Somalia Health minister has commended Dahabshil group for being among first to respond to needs of...

Somaliland:Tone Down Political Bantering” Guurti Warns Parties

Somalilandsun- The  chairman of Guurti Elder Suleiman Mahmud Aden has strongly cautioned against politics of character assassination during ongoing campaign for Somaliland presidential elections. “Rather...