Russia Wants Military Base in Zeila Somaliland as Hargeisa and Moscow Partner


Somalilandsun- Russia has promised to recognized the Sovereignty of Somaliland if awarded a Military Base in Sayla Port continue Reading Somaliland: Russian Sovereignty Recognition for a Military Base in Sayla Port

Somalia Army Weapons Openly Sold in Mogadishu Markets-UN Monitorig Group Report 2018


Somalilandsun- U.N. investigators said in a new report, Somali army weapons and ammunition continue to be diverted to open markets despite the government’s pledges to prevent its arms from leaking and ending up in the hands of Islamist militants. The Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group, an 8-member panel of investigators that monitors compliance with U.N. sanctions on the two countries, said there had been improvements in government reports on the contents of its armories but suggested the situation remained unsatisfactory. The group said in its confidential 482-page annual report, obtained by Reuters on Friday, “The Federal Government has not imported weapons into Somalia in full compliance with its obligations pursuant to the modification of the arms embargo by the Security Council.”

Somaliland: President Bihi Hosts New UN Secretary General Rep Somalia in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun- The various challenges facing Somaliland especially security at this stage when rapid changes are taking place in the Horn of Africa region are of concern to the United Nations. Read More

Somaliland Police Force Celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary


Somalilandsun- President hails diligence by Somaliland Police Officers as the Force celebrates its Silver Jubilee birthday. Read More









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DP World Celebrates Somaliland Groundbreaking


Somalilandsun- DP World Celebrates Berbera Port Expansion Groundbreaking Read more

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Trump


Somalilandsun- With unemployment at a 50-year low, wages starting to pick up, and the stock market booming, the US economy has defied expectations since the 2016 election. Nobel laureates Angus Deaton and Edmund Phelps, along with Barry Eichengreen, Rana Foroohar, and Glenn Hubbard, ask why, and whether what looks like a robust recovery is masking another crisis in the making. ** This film was created in collaboration with the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University.

Read transcript of the film The Economic Consequences of Mr. Trump

President Trump Military Secret Service and Bodyguard V.I.P Protection In Action


Somalilandsun- The United States Secret Service (“USSS” or “Secret Service”) is a federal law enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.Until 2003, the Service was part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as the agency was originally founded to combat the then-widespread counterfeiting of U.S. currency. The U.S. Secret Service has two distinct areas of responsibility: Investigations – Safeguarding the payment and financial systems of the United States from a wide range of financial and computer-based crimes, including but not limited to counterfeit U.S. currency, identity theft, access device fraud, cyber crimes, network intrusions, ransomware, business email compromise, bank fraud, and illicit financing operations. The Secret Service is a key member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) which investigates and combats terrorism on a national and international scale. The Service is also authorized to assist in investigating missing and exploited children. Protection – Ensuring the safety of the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the President’s and Vice President’s immediate families, former presidents, their spouses and their minor children under the age of 16, foreign heads of state, major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses, and events designated as National Special Security Events. As part of the Secret Service’s mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, the agency relies on meticulous advance work and threat assessments developed by its Intelligence Division to identify potential risks to protectees. The Secret Service’s initial responsibility was to investigate the counterfeiting of U.S. currency, which was rampant following the U.S. Civil War. The agency then evolved into the United States’ first domestic intelligence and counterintelligence agency. Many of the agency’s missions were later taken over by subsequent agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and IRS Criminal Investigation Division (IRS).







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Reporter’s Diary: Heal Somalia’s former child soldiers, heal a nation

Heal Somalia’s former child soldiers, heal a nation

somalilandsun- While al-Shabab’s use of children as soldiers is nothing new, in the last several years the number of child soldiers has increased markedly.  In al-Shabab’s heyday around 2010, when it controlled vast swaths of the country, including a sizable chunk of the capital, persuasion and indoctrination were enough to ensure a steady supply of young fighters. Since 2016, increased attacks by the Somali national army and US and African Union troops have resulted in a loss of territory for the group. Most recently, on October 16, the US military announced that it had carried out one of the deadliest airstrikes against al-Shabab, killing 60 militants in the Mudug region.

So, desperate for more foot soldiers, al-Shabab has turned to the abduction and forced recruitment of minors. Accurate numbers are difficult to come by. Child Soldiers International calculates that there has been a 269 percent increase in the number of children within the ranks of armed groups in Somalia between 2015, when there were 903 documented cases, to 2017, with 3,335 cases. Meanwhile, according to a May report on children and armed conflict presented by the UN secretary-general to the General Assembly, 1,770 children were recruited as soldiers in 2017 alone, with al-Shabab doing the vast majority of the recruitment. The overall number is likely even higher: UNICEF Somalia estimates that as many as 6,000 children and youths are part of armed groups in the country. Continue reading Reporter’s Diary: Heal Somalia’s former child soldiers, heal a nation

Top 10 African Tribes Taken In The Atlantic Slave Trade


Somalilandsun- With Black Panther/Wakanda fever forever cementing a place in our hearts, and the rise of African Americans getting their DNA tested, especially from, where they can trace your ancestry back to your African ethnic group, we’re at a time when we want to know more about where we came from.

So it’s not surprising that when I stumbled across this video on youtube just a day after it was released, it already had 50,000 views and a plethora of positive comments from African Americans and Africans alike. So whether you’ve gotten your DNA tested or not, it’s nice to have an idea that these ethnic groups exist, and that it’s more than likely the blood of these tribes running through our veins. Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, show the guy who put this video together some love too!




Somalilandsun- TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA (also trading as TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION), Trademark Cautionary Notice for the territory of Somalia

trade mark cautionary notice

Somaliland: President Bihi on Forthcoming Elections and other Issues


Somalilandsun- Opposition leaders’ sentiments to hold tribal conferences is detrimental to peaceful stability and unity hence undermines electioneering processes.

this was stated by the Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi during a presser at the presidency in Hargeisa where he also accused Wadani political party of holding upcoming elections hostage. 

Somaliland: Conflict of Manadate brews Conflict among Senior Officials


Somalilandsun- A publicly brewed conflict of mandate has ensued between the minister of agriculture and the disaster and food security management agency.
In a similar fashion the transport and roads development minister is embroiled in a dispute with the roads development agency manager
Continue reading Senior Administration Officials Wash Dirty, Mandate, Linen in Public

Somaliland: AU Pays Tribute to the 587 Somalis Killed on 14th Oct 2017

A Suicide bomber using a truck killed 587 and injured 316 in Mogadishu on 14th October 2017

Somalilandsun- Today is a special day of remembrance and prayer, for the more than 587 fallen Somali brothers and sisters; and the 316 who sustained injuries.

This was contained in a Statement by the AU Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Caetano Madeira, on the first anniversary of last October’s heinous bomb attack on Mogadishu

Quote- May the Almighty Allah rest the souls of our departed brothers and sisters in peace, and continue to comfort our injured ones.

As we commemorate 12 months since the people of Somalia fell victim of the most senseless mass murder perpetrated by Al-Shabaab against innocent Somali men, women and children, I wish, on behalf of the African Union Commission, the entire AMISOM family and on my own behalf, to reiterate our rejection and strong condemnation of this heinous crime.

We pay tribute to the resilient people of Somalia, who endured the pain but did not succumb to the whims of a blood thirsty group, which rejects peace and continues to maim and destroy lives.

AU Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Caetano Madeira

We Salute the Somali National Security Forces who were not deterred by this barbaric act and are, today, dislodging the terrorist group from its strong holds in Balcad and Marka, in lower and Middle Shabelle regions.

I reiterate the AU and AMISOM continued commitment, and engagement with the people and the government of Somalia, in our joint endeavor to restore peace and stability in the country.Unquote
Press statement released by the AMISOM Media Centre in Mogadishu

Somaliland: Standing Ovation for Edna Adan at Goalkeepers 2018


Somalilandsun- Goalkeepers 2018 had Speakers from around the world among them Edna Adan of Somaliland talk progress, innovation, and inspiration. #Goalkeepers18

Goalkeepers is a multiyear campaign organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation dedicated to accelerating progress towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals).
The Goalkeepers 2018 Event, at Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 26, 2018 in New York City.

The event highlighted the stunning progress in reducing extreme poverty since 1990 and showcased what is possible if the world invests in the health and education of its growing youth populations. (Photo by Handout/Mike Lawrence/Getty Images for Gates Archive)

Edna’s session at Goalkeepers, was followed by a standing ovation and recognition of being a stand out change agent by Melinda Gates!

Read: Celebrating International Day of the Girl with Edna Adan



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Somaliland: Berbera Port is an International Economic Gateway and Transportation Hub- DP World Chief


Somalilandsun – We are here to witness landmark function that is geared towards making the Berbera port a truly global economic and transportation hub, said DP world chairman and CEO at the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa during signature of contract awarded Shafa Al Nahda for infrastructural Development at the port

Read: It’s a landmark day for Somaliland


Somaliland: Emirati Firm Shafa Al Nahda awarded Berbera Port Infrastructural Development contract


Somalilandsun – The governments of Somaliland, United Arab Emirates have witnessed the official launch of infrastructural Development at Berbera port.
The works are being financed courtesy of the &420m contract to manage and developed Berbera Port awarded Emirati firm DP World with: Emirati Firm Shafa Al Nahda tasked with Infrastructural Development

Read: speech by Somaliland President at the Ceremony

Somaliland: Army Commander In Sanaag Region as Puntland Claims Tukaraq Victory


Somalilandsun- As Puntland reignites armed conflict in the eastern region of Sool , the Somaliland army commander is inspecting bases in neighbouring Sanaag Region.

Read: Somaliland Army Commander In Sanaag Region as Puntland Claims Tukaraq Victory

UK Avails Somaliland Development Fund £25m, Pledges Enhanced Relations


The United Kingdom is satisfied with status of Development projects it finds in Somaliland.
This was stated by the UK state minister for foreign affairs and head of DFID Ms Harriet Baldwin at the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa
Ms Baldwin is leading a broad UK delegation which held lengthily discussions with the president Muse Bihi Abdi who was flanked by his deputy Abdirahman Sayli, Foreign minister Dr Saad Ali Shire and the SL Representative in the UK Ms Ayan Mahmud Ashur.

Read Press Statement UK Minister for Africa makes maiden visit to Somalia

WARBIXIN: Barcelona Oo Muujisay In Ayna Ku Tiirsanayn Lionel Messi Kulankii Tottenham


Barcelona ayaa u baahneyd natiijo fiican oo Europe ah ka dib markii ay soo bandhigeen qaab ciyaareed niyadjab leh kulamadii ugu dambeeyay ee horyaalaka La Liga, wadada ugu muhiimsan ee ay sidaas ku gaadhi karto ayaa ahayd in ay meel iska saarto ku tiirsanaanta Lionel Messi oo ay si joogto ah ugu tiirsanaayeen labadii xilli ciyaareed ee ugu dambeeyay ee tartanka champions League marka ay ku ciyaarayso meel ka baxsan garoonkeeda.

Arintaas ayaa ka dhacday Wembley halkaas oo ay xiddigaha kale ee kor u qaadeen ciyaartooda shabaqana soo taabteen kulankii Tottenham ka hor intii uuna Lionel Messi dhalin shabaqa.

Ugu horayn Philippe Coutinho ayaa soo taabtay shabaqa isaga oo taabtay isaga oo ka faa,iidaystay Ernesto Valverde oo ku bilaabay 3-da xiddig ee weerarka kana ciyaaray booskii Dembele.

Coutinho ayaa sidoo kale soo bandhigay qaab ciyaareed cajiib ah kaas oo si fiican uga ciyaaray khadka dhexe sidoo kale horay u wadayay kubada sidoo kale ka faa,iidaystay khaladkii Lloris kana dhaliyay goolka 1-aad ee ciyaarta isaga oo sidoo kale dhaliyay 3 gool xilli ciyaareedkan lana bar-baro ah xiddigaha Luis Suarez & Ousmane Dembele.

Ivan Rakitic ayaa sidoo kale muujiyay tayadiisa isaga oo u dhaliyay Barcelona gool cajiib ah kadib markii uu la kulmay dhaleecayn xoogan todobaadyadii ugu dambeeyay.

Barcelona ayaa mar walba ku tiirsanaan karta Lionel Messi kadib markii uu 2 gool u dhaliyay qaybtii dambe ee ciyaarta isaga oo kor ugu qaaday goolashiisa 5 gool tartanka champions League xilli ciyaareedkan.

Dhanka kale Luis Suarez ayaa mar kale ku fashilmay in uu gool dhaliyo tartanka champions League marka ay kooxdiisu ku ciyaarayso meel ka baxsan Garoonkeeda taas oo haatan gaadhay sanadkii 3-aad oo uuuna wax gool ah ku dhalin champions League meel ka


End Cold War through Resumption of Dialogue, IC Urges Somaliland and Somalia

Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Awil Omar (Left) pose for a photograph with the Danish ambsassadour to Kenya Mette Knudsen after their meeting at the Danish embassy in Nairobi. The two discussed about initiating talks to end the conflicts between Somaliland and Somalia/COURTESY

Somalilandsun- The only way to end ongoing cold between the administration’s in Hargeisa and Mogadishu is through resumption of international sanctioned talks.

This was expressed following a meeting between the Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Awil Omar  the Danish ambsassadour to Kenya Mette Knudsen after their meeting at the Danish embassy in Nairobi.

The two discussed about initiating talks to end the conflicts between Somaliland and Somalia with the Kenyan capital Nairobi identified as a possible venue  informs Capital FM  in a report below verbatim titled International community calls for end to Hergeisa and Mogadishu hostilities

Pressure is mounting on Somaliland and Somalia to sit on a round table and sort their political and border disputes.

The international community wants talks between the leadership in Hergeisa (Somaliland) and Mogadishu (Somalia) to re-open dialogue to end the cold war between them.

Somaliland government has stated they are ready for a fresh round of talks after the Netherlands and Danish envoys to Kenya (and Somalia) said they would be ready to help initiate dialogue.

Nairobi has been identified as one of the potential venues for the talks which have previously collapsed after agreements have been signed with both sides accusing each other of reneging on the signed deals.

Somaliland, a former British protectorate proclaimed independence from the rest of Somalia after the collapse of the central government of Somalia led by the late dictator General Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Awil Omar (Left) shaking hands with the Netherlands ambsassadour to Kenya Frans Makken after their meeting at the Royal Dutch embassy in Nairobi. The two discussed about initiating talks to end the conflicts between Somaliland and Somalia/COURTESY

However, the international community is yet to recognize Somaliland’s sovereignty though the nation has diplomatic relations with several countries where it has liaison offices. Somaliland is pushing for complete freedom from the rest of Somalia while the Federal Government of Somalia wants to retain the unity of Somalia.

The two countries have failed to agree on several issues among them the control of airspace despite several meetings to resolve the issue.

Since 2012, there have been several meetings and talks between Somaliland and Somalia, including Istanbul II Communiqué, where the two parties agreed on establishing the Air Traffic Control Board (headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland) and four members of technical committee (two from Somaliland and two from Somalia). This agreement was supported by the United Nations envoy in Somalia/Somaliland and the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia at the time, Nicholas Kay, who described the agreement as a model for other areas of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The U.N.’s aviation agency began controlling air traffic over Somalia after the county descended into civil war. Due to security concerns, the organization worked from Kenya until 2017 when the government of Somalia took the control of the airspace from ICAO.

In March this year, Somali government relocated 34 air control personnel who were working in Nairobi to operate in the Somali capital, Mogadishu before officially starting operations in August to the chagrin of Somaliland.
Because of tension between Somaliland and Somalia, Somaliland had banned all UN flights from landing at its airports and threatened to close its airspace to UN flights if the Istanbul II agreement was not implemented. The ban was later lifted.

The Istanbul agreement allowed for a strategy to manage the two countries airspaces through a joint body to be established in Hergeisa. The body was also to be responsible for equitable sharing of revenues.

This week, Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Awil Omar separately met the ambassadors from Netherlands and Denmark to Kenya with the two European envoys promising to push for fresh talks to end the impasse to be held in Nairobi.
Denmark ambassador to Kenya Mette Knudsen said it was vital for the two countries to sort their differences and work together.

The international community is ready to bring the two parties together for another round of talks,” Knudsen who also represents her country in Somalia and Seychelles said.

“For peace, stability and restoration to be achieved in the horn of Africa, it is important that all the conflicts are ended and that includes that between Somalia and Somaliland,” she added.

Frans Makken, the Dutch envoy to Kenya insisted on the need for tranquility between Somalia and Somaliland as they chart their future.

“It is important to work together. You (Somaliland and Somalia) have all our support in ensuring peace prevails,” he told Bashe.

Bashe said Somaliland and Somalia have worked together in the fight against terrorism, extremism, piracy, illegal fishing toxic dumping, maritime crime and serious crime and his (Somaliland) government is ready to do more for the two to live in harmony.

Somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Awil Omar (Left) pose for a photograph with the Danish ambsassadour to Kenya Mette Knudsen after their meeting at the Danish embassy in Nairobi. The two discussed about initiating talks to end the conflicts between Somaliland and Somalia/COURTESY

Somali authorities detain journalist accused of spreading ‘false news’

A fisherman carries his catch in front of buildings, destroyed during a war, in Hamarweyne district near a fishing port in Mogadishu, Somalia September 14, 2018 REUTERS/Feisal Omar - RC1AD46F8070

Somalilandsun-Authorities in the Somali state of Galmudug should immediately release broadcast journalist Mohamed Abdiwali Tohow without charge, the Committee to Protect Journalist said today. Intelligence personnel detained the journalist on September 22 over a report broadcast the previous day for the Mogadishu-based Radio Kulmiye, according to the station’s director, Burhan Dini Farah and Ismail Sheikh Khalifa, chairperson of the advocacy group, Human Rights Journalists.

On the morning of September 22, the journalist received a phone call from intelligence personnel, asking him to appear at a station in the state capital, Dhusamareeb, according to Burhan, who spoke with journalists who have visited Mohamed in the detention center, and a Galmudug-based journalist who is familiar with the case but who asked to remain anonymous because he is not authorized by his company to comment.

The intelligence personnel told Mohamed that his report alleging that the militant group Al-Shabaab was regrouping in parts of the state was “false news,” according to Burhan and the Galmudug-based journalist. As of late today, the journalist had not been charged, Ismail told CPJ.

“That Mohamed Abdiwali Tohow has not been charged with any crime, four days after he was arrested, demonstrates this is little more than an attempt to intimidate and punish the journalist for his reporting,” said CPJ Sub-Saharan Africa Representative Muthoki Mumo. “Authorities in Galmudug should immediately release him without charge, and allow journalists to work freely, especially when they report on critical issues.”

Mohamed contributes to several stations, including the London-based broadcaster Universal TV. The broadcaster’s East Africa director, Abdullahi Kulmiye Hirsi, told CPJ today that authorities in Galmudug said that they would produce the journalist in court on September 27. Burhan told CPJ that Galmudug’s minister of information, Mohamud Aden Osman, told him on September 25 that the journalist would be released once investigations were completed.

The minister told CPJ that he was aware of the journalist’s arrest and that it was not the first time the reporter had spread “wrong information,” The minister said he was in discussions and that he hoped Mohamed would be released soon, but did not specify further details


  1. (S.landsun) Tuesday, October 02, 2018 12:26:26

Halkan hoose kaga bogo warkaas oo faahfaahsan

Ololaha Doorashada Madaxtooyadda Puntland ayaa maraysa meel aad u xamaasad badan, waxaanay murashaxiinta u loolamaysa Madaxweynenimada Maamulkaasi uu mid waliba guclo orod ugu jiraa sidii uu u kasban lahaa codadka.

Murashax Farax Cali Shire oo ka mid ah murashaxiinta madaxtinimada Puntland oo saaka meel fagaare ah damacsanaa in uu kala hadlo taageereyaashiisa ayaa mar keliya lagu war geliyay in aanu cagaha dhigi karin barxadaasi.

amarkan ayaan ayay dadka qaarkood ku sheegeen in uu ka yimid dhinaca sare isla markaana xukuumadda deegaankaasi ay amar ku bixisay in aanay cidiba isugu iman karin halkaasi.

arrintan ayaa lagu wadaa in ay siyaasiyiinta mucaaradka ah ku xukuumadda Puntland ay ka hadlaan isla markaana ay ku dhaleeceeyaan 


MP Jama Shabeel Opposes Kulmiye Party’s Rape Law Stand, Fired From Central Committee Chair


In lieu of persistent acts that breed discontent and disunity within Kulmiye party, and having ascertained without doubt that you are it only involved but overtly been undermining this party, and …….

Thus stated the Kulmiye party’s executive committee in a letter firing MP Jama Shabeel from his perch a senior chairman and member of the central committee. Continue reading Somaliland Ruling Kulmiye Party Unceremoniously Disposes It’s Central Committee Chairperson




Somaliland: Cllr Dheereyste Alleges Vote Rigging In Borame Mayoral Election


Somalilandsun- The Somaliland central Government has been accused of tampering with votes in favour of Councilor Suleiman Hasan Hadi for the post of Mayor.
Continue reading Borame Municipality Ends Conflict with Election of Councillor Haadi as Mayor.

Somaliland: Saudi Arabia Friendship, Riyals and the Russian Military Base

Did Saudi Arabian General Ahmad Asiri Visit Hargeisa secretly for Meet with President Muse Bihi

Somalilandsun- The president of Somaliland is expected to visit Saudi Arabia to finalize arrangements established during a secretive meet in Hargeisa with the Jeddah based Deputy chief of intelligence Major General Ahmad Hassan Mohammad Asiri,
Continue reading  The Renewed Gulf Influence, Secretive Security Meetings and The Russian Connection in Somaliland



(S.landsun) Friday, September 28, 2018 18:24:57

Tirada Dad Loo Maxkamadeeyey Isku Daygii Dil Ee Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Itoobiya Iyo Dambiyada Lagu Soo Oogay

Dacwad oogeyaasha dalka Itoobiya ayaa maxkamad soo taagay shan qof oo lagu tuhunsanyahay argagixisannimo, iyagoo loo heysto iney isku dayeen dilka ra’iisul wasaare Abiy Axmed ka dib markii bishii Juun ay bam gacmeed ku tureen fagaare uu ku sugnaa.

Weerarkaas oo ka dhacay magaalada caasimadda ah ee Addis Ababa , ayaa lagu dilay labo ruux, halka in ka badan 100 kalena ay ku dhaawacmeen, balse waxyeello kama aysan soo gaarin Mr Abiy.

Eedeysaneyaasha ayaan ilaa haatan hadlin.

Shanta ruux ee la tuhunsanyahay – oo lagu kala magacaabo Getu Girma, Birhanu Jafar, Tilahun Getachew, Bahiru Tollosa, iyo Desalegn Teafaye – ayaa waxaa wajiyadooda ka muuqday walwal aad u xooggan xilligii ay maxkamadda ka soo hor muuqanayeen,

sida uu ku soo warramay wariyaha BBC-da ee laanta Axmaariga Kalkidan Yibeltal.

Dacwad oogeyaasha ayaa sheegay in dadkan la tuhunsanyahay aysan aaminsaneyn in Mr Abiy uu badbaadin karo danaha qoomiyadda ugu tirada badan dalkaas ee Oromada.

Ra’iisal wasaaraha oo qudhiisa ka soo jeeda qoomiyadda Oromada, ayaa xilka la wareegay ka dib saddex sano oo ay dalkaas ka socdeen rabshado ay sameynayeen bulshada Oromada, oo dalbanayay in la soo af jaro waxa ay ugu yeereen maamulka ku faquuqayay dhinaca siyaasadda iyo dhaqaalaha.

Waxaa dacwad oogeyaasha laga soo xigtay in eedeysaneyaasha la maxkamadeynayo ay doonayeen in ururkii mar la mamnuucay ee oromada(OLF) loo oggolaado iney dib u billaabaan hogaaminta dalka.

Isbedallada uu sameeyay Ra’iisal wasaaraha ayaa xayiraadda looga qaaday ururkaas oo ay hadda masuuliyiintiisa dib ugu laabteen Itoobiya.

Hogaamiyihii dibad joogga ahaa ee kooxdaas ayaa waddanka dib ugu soo laabtay 15-kii bishan Siteembar.

Xukuumaddii hore ee Itoobiya ayaa OLF u aqoonsaneyd inuu yahay urur argagixiso.

Abiy Axmed ayaa tan iyo markii uu maamulka la wareegay bishii Abriil wuxuu muujiyay inuu yahay siyaasi uu nidaamkiisa xasiloonyahay, wuxuuna fasaxay qeybo ka mid ah ganacsiyadii ay dowladdu gacanta ku heysay, isagoo sidoo kalena hoos u dhigay cadaawaddii waddankiisa kala dhaxeysay dalka dariska la ah ee Eritrea.

Tan iyo markii uu xilka qabtay bishii Abriil, Mr Abiy ayaa soo bandhigayay isbadallo xiriir ah oo isugu jira dhanka siyaasadda, dhaqaalaha iyo dublomaasiyadda, kuwaasoo si weyn loo soo dhaweeyay.

Bambada ayaa 23-kii bishii Juun lagu tuuray fagaaraha Meskel Square ee magaalada Addis Ababa, xilli ay tobannaan kun oo qof oo taageera u ah Abiy Axmed ay ku sugnaayeen fagaaraha si khudbaddiisa ay u dhageystaan.

Ra’iisul wasaaraha ayaa si deg deg ah goobtaas looga kaxeeyay, ka dib markii uu qaraxa dhacay.

Xilligaas waxa uu weerarkaas ku tilmaamay “isku day lagu guul darreystay oo ay sameeyeen




(S.landsun) Friday, September 28, 2018 19:49:16
Halkan hoose kaga bogo warkaas oo faahfaahsan


Hay’addaha Amaanka Ee Deegaanka Soomaalida ayaa gacanta ku soo dhigay Kornayl Shamaaxiye oo ka mid ahaa saraakiisha lagu eedaynayo in door weyn ku lahaayeen Tacdiyadii Jeel Ogaadeen loogu geystay Maxaabiistii ugu badnayd.

Mr. Shamaaxiye oo ku jira liiska dadka ay hay’adda u dooda Xuquuqda Aadamuhu ku soo eedaysay in ay ka danbeeyeen tacadiyadaasi ayaa hadda ku jira gacanta Xukuumada Deegaanka Soomaalida, waxaana lagu wadaa in la hor keeno sharciga si loogu maxkamadeeeyo dambiyadii uu geystay.

Xukuumadda Deegaanka Soomaalida Ethiopia ayaa wada qorshe lagu beegsanayo dadkii dakanada ka galay deegaankaasi  intii ay jirtay Xukuumadii uu gadh wadeenka ka ahaa Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar.

Si kastaba ha ahaatee dadka deegaanka iyo kuwii

uu dhibka u geystay ayaa si diiran u soo dhaweeyay xadhiga Shamaaxiye, waxaanay 



 Friday, September 28, 2018 20:50:09

“Muwaaddin Axmed Waxaa Lagu Dilay Maxaad U Noqotay Qabiilka Aad Tahay”..Yuusuf Garaad Oo Ka Hadlay Dil Ka Dhacay Muqdisho
Muqdisho:-Wasiirkii hore ee arimaha dibada soomaliya Yuusuf Garaad Cumar ayaa ka hadlay dilkii foosha xumaa ee magaalada Muqdisho loogu gaystay alle haw naxariistee Axmed Mukhtaar Saalax(Axmed Dowlo).Yuusuf Garaad ayaa qoraal uu soo dhigay bogiisa Facebook waxa uu sheegay inuu cambaaraynayo falkaasi, isaga oo baaqna u diray madaxweyne Farmaajo.

Yuusuf Garaad ayaa qoraalkiisa ku yidhi “Mas’uul iyo Muwaaddin kasta oo Soomaali ah oo daneynaya in Soomaaliya ay hesho nabad waarta iyo caddaalad sugan, kuna tallaabsato horumar muuqda waa in uu u dhabba galaa waxna ka qabtaa ama ugu yaraan uu ka yiraahdaa dilka Allah ha u naxariistee Axmed Mukhtaar Saalax (Axmed – Dowlo).Waxaa la ii sheegay in Axmed nolosha lagu gubay xaafadda Towfiiq, Degmada Yaaqshiid, caasmiaddeenna Muqdisho Kahmiis ay bishan September ahayd 20, sannadkan 2018.

Muwaaddin Axmed waxaa lagu dilay maxaad u noqotay qabiilka aad tahay! Ma isagaa doortay oo ku biiray mise Allah ayaa ka beeray? Si kale haddii aan u dhigo waxaa lagu dilay, maxaa aabbahaa kuu dhalay!

In qarnigan muwaaddin Soomaali ah ay Soomaali kale nolosha ku gubto, isla markaana aan Dowladda iyo shacabkuba aanay aad uga gilgilan oo kaalinta kaga aaddan ka soo bixin si aan lala daahin, waxay diri kartaa farriin gurracan, waxayna dib noogu celineysaa casri jaahiligii ka horreeyay diinteenna.

Anigu si adag ayaan u cambaareynayaa falkaas ciddi geysatay iyo cid kasta oo ka raalli ah. Madaxdeydana waxaan ka dalbayaa in ay




BURCO:-ciidamada amaanka ee magaalada Burco ayaa xabsiga dhigay laba nin oo ka mid ah dadka ku nool magaaladaasi.

Sida uu soo sheegayo weriyaha Hadhwanaagnews ee magaalada Burco Cabdirisaaq Koronto, ciidamada amaanka ayaa maanta xabsiga dhigay labadan nin oo lagu kala magacaabo Faarax Xuseen iyo Shaakir Deeq.

Wararka ayaa sheegaya in xadhiga labadan muwaadin uu la xidhiidho hadalo ay dhawaan warbaahinta ka sheegeen oo ku saabsan in Cabdikariim Sheekh Muuse Qalbi Dhagax uu baabuur ka gubay wakhtigii ay jabhada ONLF mamnuuca ahayd.

Ciidamada amaanku wali faah faahin


Waddamada Ingiriiska, Itoobiya, Talyaaniga Iyo Soomaaliya Oo Baaq Ka Soo Saaray Taageero Loo Fidiyo Ciidamada Amisom


Wadamada Ingiriiska, Talyaaniga, Itoobiya iyo  Soomaaliya ayaa  iskugu yeedhay wadamada Beesha caalamka si ay soomaaliya uga taageeraan amaanka, siyaasada iyo dib u habaynta dhaqaalaha.

Wasiirka arimaha Afrika ee dawlada Ingiriiska Harriett Baldwin oo gudoomiyey shir gaar ah oo lagaga hadlayey soomaaliya oo ay goob joog ka ahaayeen  wasiirka arimaha dibada soomaaliya, wasiirul dawle Hirut Zemene oo ka socday dalka Itoobiya, wasiirka arimaha dibada iyo iskaashiga caalamiga ah ee Talyaaniga, xoghayaha guud ee qaramada Midoobay iyo xubno ka socday midawga Afrika iyo midawga Yurub.

  • Wasiirka arimaha Afrika ee dalka Ingiriiska Harriett Baldwin ayaa amaanay geesinimo iyo saamayn wanaagsan oo uu sheegay inay sameeyaan ciidamada ka socda midawga Afrika ee Amisom iyo kuwa soomaaliya ee u dagaalamaya dib u soo celinta xasiloonida dalka, waxaanu si gaar ah u tilmaamay muhiimada ay leedahay in guul laga gaadho amniga soomaaliya ay tahay mid saaran ciidamada Amisom ee ku sugan gudaha dalka.

Wasiirka Harriett Baldwin ayaa soo bandhigay laba fursadood oo lagu wanaajin karo mustaqbalka Soomaaliya waxaanu yidhi “ Soomaaliya hada waxay haysataa fursad ay ku gaadhi karto mustaqbal wanaagsan, waana in dadkeedu aanay u ogolaan argagixisada fursad dambe oo ay ka qayb qaataan deganaanshaha ka socda gobolka

Si loo dhiso mustaqbalkaas waa in si run ah loo taageeraa dedaalka caalamiga ah ee socda, waxaanan ugu baaqayaa saaxiibada soomaaliya inay ka qab qaataan dhaqaale joogto ah oo loo helo ciidamada Amisom”

Dhinaca kale wasiirka arimaha dibada soomaaliya Axmed Ciise Cawad ayaa dhinaciisa ka hadlay muhiimada ay soomaaliya u leedahay taageerada caalamku waxaanu yidhi “Dawlada federaalka ah ee soomaaliya waxay joogtaynaysaa fulinta siyaasadaha muhiimka ah ee dib u habaynta dhaqaalaha iyo siyaasada kuwaas oo soomaaliya ka caawinaya inay ka gudubto sanado badan oo adag, taageerada beesha caalamkuna wali muhiim ayey u tahay soomaaliya, waxaanu sii wadaynaa inaanu hore u sii socono anaga oo taageero ka helayna saaxiibadayada caalamka, waxaanan sii adkaynaynaa qorshahayaga dib u habaynta anaga oo masuuliyada amaanka soomaaliya ka soo wareejinayna Amisom una diyaarinaysa ciidamada xooga soomaaliya”

Somaliland: UN Body Briefed on the Human Rights Situation in Somalia


Somalilandsun- The independent expert on human rights in Somalia Bahame Nyanduga submits 2018 situational report to the 39th Session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva Switzerland






Wednesday, September 26, 2018 12:25:14

Halkan hoose kaga bogo warkaas oo faahfaahsan

Mujaahid Xasan Ciise Jaamac ayaa madaxda Xisbiyadda Mucaaradka ee Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Cabdilaahi (Cirro) iyo Faysal Cali Waraabe ku tilmaamay inay ka mid yihiin shakhsiyaadka ay Somaliland nasiibka u heshay.

Mujaahid Xasan Ciise Jaamac oo ka hadlay barnaamij taariikhi ah oo uu diyaariyay Wariye Cali Jibriil Xirsi, ayaa waxa uu labadaas siyaasi ku bogaadiyay go’aanka ay ka qaateen doorashooyinki madaxtooyadda ee dhacday sannadkii hore, waxaanu ugu horeyn yidhi “Fursadan ayaan doonayaa qodob hore igu seegay oo ah inaan si buuxda u tahniyadeeyo kuna hambalyeeyo Cabdiraxmaan Cirro Iyo Faysal       Cali Waraabe, waayo dhibaato kasta oo doorashadii ugu danbaysay ka dhacday hadana ha yara cawdaan intii hore oo

xaq ayay u lahaayeen wixii ay ka cabanayaan ay ka cawdaan oo wixii dhibaato ay sheeganayaan ay sheegtaan, laakiin inay aakhirkii natiijadii dorashada ogolaadaan ay si nabadgalyo ahna go’aamiyeen in wixii dhibaato ah loo xaliyo, aad iyo aad ayaan ugu hambalyaynayaa.

Waxaanan horena u idhi iminkana aan si furan u odhanayaa Cabdiraxmaan Cirro iyo faysal Cali Waraabe oo kale shaqsiyaadka ay Somaliland ku nasiibka badan tahay ayay ka mid yihiin, odaynimo waayeelnimo iyo gobonimo ayay muujiyeen, dhibaatooyin macnaheedu maaha ma jiro ee wixii dhibaatooyin ah waa wax la xalin karo oo si nabad galyo ah lagu xaliyo dariiqaas ayay mareen waana aan ku hambalyaynayaa” ayuu yidhi xasan Ciise Jaamac.



 Wednesday, September 26, 2018 08:37:54

Nuxurka Kulamo Uu Wasiirka Arimaha Dibada Ee Soomaaliya Ku Yeeshay Wadanka Maraykanka
-(S.landsun)-Wasiirka arimaha dibada Soomaaliya Axmed Ciise Cawad oo ka qayb galay shirkii  73aad ee golaha loo dhan yahay ee qaramada Midoobay ayaa kulamo kala duwan la yeeshay weftiyadii ka soo qayb galay shirkaasi.

Wasiirka ayaa kulamo la yeeshay madaxda wadamo kala duwan iyo Hay’ado hoos yimaada Qaramada Midoobay, Kuwaas oo uu kala hadlay arimo quseeyo Soomaaliya iyo guud ahaanba Gobolka.

Kulamadii u danbeeyay waxa uu la yeeshay Wasiiro arimo dibadeedyada Wadamada Ruushka, Qatar, Kosovo iyo Kuwo kale.

Kulankii uu la yeeshay Wasiirka Arimaha dibada ee Kosovo ayay kaga wada hadleen xariirka labada dal iyada oo dowlada Kosovo Carabka kudhufatay in Soomaaliya ay ku leedahay abaal weyn Taas badalkeedana ay Kosovo diyaar u tahay in ay abaalkaasi gudo, Waxayna soo bandhigeen fikrada ah in Soomaaliya ay saafaarad ka furato Kosovo ayna fududeeyn doonaan adeegyada furista sadaarada Soomaliya ay ku yeelato halkaasi.

“Dowlada Ruushka waxy marwalba Diyaar u tahay sii wadista xariirka qotoda dheer ee kala dhexeeya Soomaaliya Iyo Soo celinta wada shaqeeyn xoogan oo markale dhexmarta Soomaaliya iyo Ruushka” Sidaa waxaa yiri Wasiirka ariaha dibada ee Ruushka Sergey Lavrov.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Abdulrahman Al-thani oo ah wasiirka Arimaha dibada ee dalka Qatar iyo Wasiir Ahmed Awed ayaa ka wada hadlay wadashaqeyn dhow oo dhexmarta wadamada Qatar iyo Soomaaliya isaga oo sheegay in uu ku faraxsanyahay la kulanka wafdiga Soomaaliya ku matalaya Shirka Qaramada Midoobay.

Wasiirka arimaha Dibada ee Soomaaliya Ahmed Eise Awad ayaa ku sii Joogi doona NewYork tan iyo inta uu ka jeedinayo Qodbada ay Soomaaliya ku leedahay Shirka Gollaha loo


Wasiirka Gaadiidka Iyo Horu Marinta Jidadka Oo Furay Qaybo Ka Mid Ah Jidka Isku Xidha Togdheer Iyo Sanaag.



    Wasiirka Wasaaradda Gaadiidka iyo Horumarinta Jidadka Somaliland C/laahi Abokor Cismaan  ayaa furay 42 KM oo ka mid ah jidka isku xidha Gobolada Togdhheer iyo Sanaag oo dhismihiisu dhamaaday, jidkaas oo dhererkiisu dhan yahay 284 KM waxa iyana hore loo dhamaystiray 94 KM shaqadan  waxaa dhisaaya oo gabi ahaanba gacanta ku haysa Wasaaradda Gaadiidka iyo Horumirinta Jidadka oo kaashanaysa Hay’adda Horumarinta Wadooyinka Somaliland, ilaa hada lacagta ku baxday ayaa ah  22 milyan oo dollar.

    Dhanka kale Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo Waftigiisu waxa ay kormeeren qaybaha ka hadhay Wadadaasi oo hada iyana shaqo ka socoto, Wadadan  ayaa hada u dhow mid gabogabo ah oo sahlaysa isu socodka ganacsiga iyo Dadweynaha deegaamadaas.

    Wasiirka Gaadiidka iyo Horumarinta jidadka Somaliland oo halkaasi ka hadlaya ayaa yidhi:-“iminka wajigii labaad ayeynu wadnaa , waxaan rajaynayaa  wijiga labaad  40 KM iyo afartaa bilood ee inoo hadhay I uu ilahay inagu guulayan doono waxanan ku kalsoonahay tiimkan meesha jooga shaqadooda iyo xilkasnimadooda aad iyo aad ayaan ugu kalsoonahay, runtii aad ayaan ugu faraxsanahay iyadoo duruufo badani jiraan, aniguna itaalkayga waanu idiin balan qaadaynaa wixii aanu idinla qaban karno ama ha noqoto “Promotion” ama ha noqoto ka warhayan”

    Waxa iyaguna halkaasi ka hadlay Khabiiradii dhisaayey Wadadaasi, Maamulka Gobolka Sanaag, Saraakiil ka tirsan Ciidamada Qaranka, iyo Booliska Somaliland oo dhamaantood ku dheeraaday dadaalka Wasaaradda Gaadiidka iyo Hay’adda Horuumarinta Wadooyinka, iyo sida ay Wadadani muhiimada ugu leedahay dadweynaha labada Gobol iyo Somaliland inteeda kaleba.

    Ugu danbayantii Waftiga Wasiirka oo lagu soo dhaweeyay Degmada Ceel Afweyn, ayaa halkaasi kula hadlay dadweynaha, waxaanu u sheegay in qorshahoodu  yahay in ay dhismaha Wadada isku xidha Gobolada Togdheer iyo Sanaag soo gabogaabayndoonaan Sanadka 2019

Lionel Messi Oo Balan La Leh Taariikhda Kulanka Caawa Ay Kooxdiisu La Ciyaari Doonto Girona

  1. 16-kii Bishii October 2004 kulan u dhexeeyay Espanyol iyo Barcelona daqiiqadii 82-aad Frank Rijkaard ayaa badal ku sameeyay Deco isaga oo ku badalay xiddiga Lionel Messi kaas oo markii ugu horaysay ciyaaray horyaalka La Liga xilli uu tan ilaa wakhtigaas noqday halyeey La Liga ah.

Somaliland: Political Parties and State In Plans for a Joint National Strategy


Somalilandsun- A new inter-working relations for the good of the nation as far as socio-economical and political aspects are concerned has got a booster jab in the arm as the three heads of the official political parties are expected to meet on Sunday

Read Somaliland: Political Parties Chiefs in Meet to Chart a National Development Strategy

Somaliland: Religious Affairs Minister wins Battle to Review Newly Enacted Rape Law


Somalilandsun-The state has resolved to review the Anti-rape and Gender Laws that threatened to unruffled many feathers in the nation for having clauses that seriously contradicted the basic Islamic Laws, Tenets, Traditions and culture for being tilted overtly towards secularism and by thus a lot of hues and cries emanated from a cross-section of the country.

Read Somaliland: State to Review Clauses in the Rape Law that Provokes Islamic Tenets

Puntland holds Cabinet Meeting in the Badhan District of Somaliland


Somalilandsun- Badhan town in the Sanaag region of Somaliland saw its first ever cabinet meeting take place after President Abdiweli Gas of Puntland converge his ministers for a regular meeting.

continue reading Puntland holds Cabinet Meeting Deep Inside Somaliland Territory

Somaliland – North Star College opened in Hargeisa – Video


Somalilandsun- Minneapolis based North Star College has opened a campus in Hargeisa Somaliland

Somaliland Under Invasion as President Gas of Puntland visits Badhan


Somalilandsun-Escorted by members of his Garowe based cabinet, parliamentarians, traditional and religious leaders , President Gas entered the Somaliland eastern town of Badhan continue reading Somaliland Under Invasion as President Gas of Puntland visits Badhan

Somaliland – A weakened government under Somalian surveillance

Somaliland - A weakened government under Somalian surveillance

Somalilandsun-The cabinet of the Somaliland president Musa Bihi Abdi (MBA) – all of whose members are relatively inexperienced – is currently struggling to deal with foreign companies as well as with espionage.

According to our sources, on 14 August the minister for investment, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud, signed a Memorandum of Understanding worth a billion dollars with UN Maxtor Bank for the construction of a smart city devoted to tourism and higher education. However, the  Somaliland minister did not deem it necessary to carry out a due diligence check before signing on the dotted line with a bank whose probity is now being questioned within the government itself.
According to information obtained exclusively by the Indian Ocean Newsletter, the Somalian prime minister Hassan Ali Khayre has demanded that he be allowed to scrutinise other contracts signed by
the Somaliland government!
MBA himself is reported to be under surveillance by Mogadishu. The deputy director of the Somaliland intelligence services, Faysal Guhad, is allegedly supplying information to Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and maintaining contacts with the Somalian deputy prime minister, Khadar Guled. In late August, Faysal Guhad had a secret meeting in Nairobi with his Somalian counterpart, Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir . He is understood to have informed him that MBA was going to dispatch traditional Issak chiefs to the Ethiopian Somali region to involve them in forming the new government, and also to have mentioned the problems that MBA was encountering with n armed opposition group from the Garhajis clan in the east of the country.

source: medeshi. @medeshi

Somaliland: FOOL-XUMOOYINKA “XEERKA kufsiga iyo xadgudubyada jinsiga (XEER Lr. 78/2018)”

XEERKA kufsiga iyo xadgudubyada jinsiga Somaliland
 Somalilandsun- Xeerkani muddo aan ka yarayn 4 sannadood ayuu dhex yaallay golaha baarlamaanka, ugu danbeynna waxa la sheegay in la ansixiyey.
2) Xeerkan intii uu Golaha Baarlamaanka yaallay waxa ay Wasaaradda Diinta iy Awqaafta iyo weliba shir guddoonku u saareen guddi culimo ah, kuwaasoo talo qoraal ah ku soo celiyey wasaaradda iyo golaha 7/01/2016.
3) Culimadu waxa ay xuseen qodobbada uu xeerkani shareecada ku khilaafsanyahay, ee ay tahay in la beddelo si shareecada iyo distoorka dalka loo waafajiyo, iyaga oo sida loo qorayo soo qaabeeyey.
4) Waxa la filayey in qodobbada ay culimadu ka soo dhex qabteen laga saaro xeerka oo la beddelo, ka dibna mar kale la hubiyo oo wasaaradda diinta iyo culimadii ay la tashatay lagu soo celiyo in uu saxsan yahay iyo in kale, nasiib darro talooyinkaa culimada lama qaadan, taa beddelkeedana waxa warbaahinta laga maqlay uun in xeerkii la ansixiyey.
5) Diidmada xeerku kuma koobnayn culimada aragtay oo keliya ee golaha guurtida iyo qareennada Soomaaliland ayaa ka qayliyey oo ceebihiisa toosinta u baahan tilmaamay.
6) Waxa aan aaminsanahay in aanu madaxweynuhu fursad ku filan oo uu xeerkan ku akhriyo helin, sidoo kale waxa aan rumaysnahay in aanay dhammaan xubnaha baarlamaanku xeerkan wada akhriyin, waayo aragtidayda suuraggal ilama aha in ay aqbali karaan waxa meeshan ku qoran sharciyaddeeda.
7) Sidaa awgeed waxa aan ka filayaa madaxda qaranka oo uu madaxweynuhu kow ka yahay, golayaasha sharciga iyo laamaha kale ee sharcigaba in ay dib u eegaan xeerkan, dibna loo saxo waxa ka khaldan.


1- Xeerkan in kastoo lagu magacaabay xeerka: “Kufsiga iyo xadgudubyada Jinsiga”, marka aad gudaha u gasho waxa kuu muuqanaysa in magaciisa dhabta ahi uu yahay “Xeerka Jinsiga” “Sexual Act”, nuxurkiisa iyo waxa uu koobsanayo marka aad aragto ayay kuu muuqanaysaa in uu dhab ahaan ku saabsan yahay jinsiga iyo waxyaalaha raaca.
2- Markii la macneynayey weedha “Qasbid”: waxa lagu sheegay: “Waxaa loola jeedaa cabsi gelin ama ku qasbid qof in uu galo ama ka qeyb qaato fal dambiyeed kufsi ama xad-gudub jinsi ah, tiiyoo loo isticmaalayo xoog, cadaadis xagga maskaxda ama handadaad.…” haddana macnahaas oo kale ayaa xeerkan loo adeegsaday oo sharciyaddii distoorka iyo aragtidii bulshada ee xorta ahaydba lagu kufsaday, xeerka dano isdhaafsi ayaa lagu socodsiiyey iyo weliba handidaad loogu hanjabay ciddii qalloociisa tilmaanta xadhig!
3- Xeerkani waxa uu khilaafsanyahay shareecada islaamka, waxa kale oo uu baalmarsan yahay distoorka dalka oo ku dhisan shareecada, waxa uu isla markaana khilaafsanyahay dhaqanka wanaagsan ee bulshada.
4- Sidaa marka aan leeyahay qofka xilkaska ahi wuu fahmayaa in xeerku yahay hal unit ama halshay- xeer keliya- oo aanu xeerar badan ahayn, marka aan ku idhaahdo shareecada ayuu khilaafsanyahay taa macnaheedu ma aha; in qodob kasta oo xeerka ku jiraa islaamka khilaafsanyahay!, waxa loo jeedaa shareecada wax khilaafsan baa ku jira, xaddiga uu khilaafkaasi le’egyahay ha yaraado ama ka weynaadoe, taasna caddeynteeda waxa kuugu filan in aan ku idhaahdo kow, laba iyo saddex.


1- “Kufsigu waa xadgudub, waxa ka dhasha magdhow iyo ciqaab, waxana culimadu ay kaga hadlaan baabka la yidhaahdo الجنايات ama الأقضية.
Cuquubooyinka ka dhasha ku xadgudubka nooluhuna aad ayey u badan yihiin, waxaana ka mid ah:
A- Qisaas
B- Xad ama xuduud iyo.
C- Tacsiir.
2- Kufsi haddii loo eego shareecada islaamka – oo ay tahay in xeer kasta oo dalkan loo sameynayaa waafaqo-, waa faldenbiyeed isa saaran oo laba denbi ka kooban, Sino iyo Xoogid, waa haddii kufsiga loo adeegsaday awood dhab ah oo qasab lagaga sinaystay dhibanaha.
3- Xadka Sinada shareecadu way qeexday oo waxa loo kala qaaday; qof guur hore soo maray iyo mid aan soo marin, waana kala xukun, midna jeedal baa u qoran midna dil dhagax ah.
4- Qofka xoog qof kale kaga sinaystana waxa uu hoostegayaa xukunka la yidhaahdo “الحرابة” ee ay aayaddani ka warrantay:

{إِنَّمَا جَزَاءُ الَّذِينَ يُحَارِبُونَ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ وَيَسْعَوْنَ فِي الْأَرْضِ فَسَادًا أَن يُقَتَّلُوا أَوْ يُصَلَّبُوا أَوْ تُقَطَّعَ أَيْدِيهِمْوَأَرْجُلُهُم مِّنْ خِلَافٍ أَوْ يُنفَوْا مِنَ الْأَرْضِ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ لَهُمْ خِزْيٌ فِي الدُّنْيَا ۖ وَلَهُمْ فِي الْآخِرَةِ عَذَابٌ عَظِيمٌ}

5- Dhibta uu geystay qofkaasi ama kooxdaasi inta ay le’egtahay, ayaa la qiimaynayaa, ka dibna cuquubooyinkaa aayaddu sheegayso ta ku habboon ayaa lagu fulinayaa.
5- Islaamku waxa uu siiyey dhibanaha magdhow maaliyadeed oo u dhigma dhibta la gaadhsiiyey, halka mujrimkana uu mariyey cuquubo daaweyn ah oo sabab u noqota in aanu falkaasi dib u soo noqon oo laga waantoobo.

Haddaba xeerka kufsigu ma waafaqsan yahay shareecada, mase daweynayaa dhibta kufsiga?

1) Xeerkani waxa uu ku saabsanyahay denbiyada jinsiga ka dhasha, fal jinsi markuu macnaynayeyna waxa uu yidhi: “Waxaa loola jeedaa galmo, ama fal kale oo khuseeya, ku lug lahaansho, fal jinsi loo aanayn karo oo lagula kaco xubnaha taranka, dabada, afka ama qaybkale oo ka mid ah jidhka qofka”
2) Sida eray bixinta sare ka muuqata falka jinsi ee xeerku ka hadlayaa waxa uu noqon karaa meelkasta iyo cid kasta oo xubnaha taranka galmo ahaan loogu adeegsado, ama si uun lug loogu yeesho falkaas, isla markaana waxa uu denbi ka dhigayaa oo keliya:
1- Marka cidda falka lagu sameynayaa AANAY RAALLI KA AHAYN.
2- Ama ay tahay cid caruur ah 18 jir ka yar.
3- Naafo ah ama sakhraansan ama hurda iwm.
3) Tirsiga koowaad ee sare macnihiisu waxa weeye xeerkan Jinsigu denbi uma aqoonsana Sinada lagu kala raallida yahay, isutegidda dadka isku jinsiga ah, sida falka liwaadka oo ah ficilkii qawmu Luud lagu halaagay amaba isutegidda dheddiga dhexdooda ka dhaca, waxa denbi ah oo keliya haddii la isku qasbo ama muuqaal qasab meel si uun u soo galo..
Qodobkaasi keligii ayaa ku filan in xeerkani shareecada khilaafsanyahay, ku darso:
4) Xeerkani waxa uu ku beddelay cuquubooyinkii Ilaahay u sharciyeeyey dadka falalkaa foosha xun ku dhaca cuquubooyin kale oo dad isu arkay in ay Alle ka sharci wanaagsan yihiin dejisteen (Waa beddelid sharcigii Alle) ma taasaa shareecada waafaqsan?
5) In arrin uu Alle xukumay oo xarrimay sida Sinada oo kale, la xalaalaysto, xukunkii uu u dejiyeyna laga tago, isla markaana kufsiga xukun ciqaabeed gaar ah loo sameystaa waa sheegasho awood sharciyeyn oo lid ku ah sharcigii Alle, ilaahay oo sharciga lagu qabsado oo wax laga dhinac sharciyeeyo iyada oo axkaamtiisa la burinayo mid kalena lagu beddelayaana waa arrin aanay muslimnimada qofka ku kacay ku badbaadaynin.

Alle waxa uu yidhi:

{أَمْ لَهُمْ شُرَكَاءُ شَرَعُوا لَهُم مِّنَ الدِّينِ مَا لَمْ يَأْذَن بِهِ اللَّهُ ۚ وَلَوْلَا كَلِمَةُ الْفَصْلِ لَقُضِيَ بَيْنَهُمْ ۗ وَإِنَّ الظَّالِمِينَ لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ }.

“Ma kuwo Alle wax la leh oo isaga sokadii wax u sharciyeeya ayey sameysteen?”. Shura, 21

Ahlu kitaab oo Kiristan iyo Yuhuud ah ayuu Alle ku ceebeeyey in ay wadaaddadoodii Ilaahyo ka dhigteen oo ay waxna u xalaaleeyeen waxna ka xarrimeen, maanta ma cid baa doonaysa in ay booskaa buuxiso oo wixii Alle xalaaleeyey sida guurka xarrimto, (Haddaad tidhaahdo oo guurka xeerku miyuu xarrimayaa? Jawaabtu waa: haa, haddii aad guursato inan gashaanti ah oo 18 jir ah waa denbi ayuu dhigayaa, sidaas oo kale haddii aad 18 ka yartahay oo aad nin tahay ma guursan kartid, haddii kale gabadha aad guursatay waxa lagu qaadayaa ciqaabta kufsiga, oo caruur la kufsaday ayaad noqonaysaa).

Ma cid baa ku hawllan in ay wixii Alle xarrimay (Sinada iyo isu tegidda dadka isku jinsiga ah) iyagu xalaaleeyaan?!- Haa wallaahi Soomaali aan magacooda iyo muuqoodaba aqaanno ayay shaqadooda tahay.

U fiirsi khatarta ay leedahay Alle oo sharcigiisa lagu qabsadaa:

{إتَّخَذُوا أَحْبَارَهُمْ وَرُهْبَانَهُمْ أَرْبَابًا مِّن دُونِ اللَّهِ وَالْمَسِيحَ ابْنَ مَرْيَمَ وَمَا أُمِرُوا إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُوا إِلَٰهًا وَاحِدًا ۖ لَّا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ ۚسُبْحَانَهُ عَمَّا يُشْرِكُونَ}
“Waxa ay ka dhigteen Axbaartoodii- waa culimada Yuhuuddae- iyo Ruhbaantoodii- waa culimada kiristankae- Rabiyaal uga sokeeya Ilaahay——–” suuradda Tawbah, 31.

Saxaabigii la odhan jiray: Caddiyi ibn Xaatim oo markii hore kiristan ahaa ayaa yidhi, waxa aan u imi Nebi Muxammed oo aayaddan akhriyaya, kolkaasaan ku idhi: “Culimadooda may caabudin”. Kolkaasuu Rasuulku- scw- igu yidhi: Miyaanay waxna u xalaaleynin, waxna ka xarrimin, iyana aanay ku waafaqin? Kolkaasaan idhi: “Haa”, markaasuu igu yidhi “caabudiddoodu waa taas”.

6) In la sharciyeeyo sharci ka geddisan wixii Alle sharciyeeyey, waxa ay ka duwantahay oo ka darantahay in sharcigii Alle laga tago, tan danbe- waa ka tegistae- waa macsiyo haddii aanay wax kale raacin, sida in uu qofku asal ahaanba beeniyo in Alle xaq u leeyahay in uu wakhtigan awood sharci ku yeesho addoomadiisa, sida caqlilaawayaashu qabaan, halka ta hore tahay gaalnimo.
7) Dhammaan cuquubooyinka lagu sheegay xeerka jinsigu waa kuwo ka geddisan kuwii Alle u dhigay xadgudubyada jinsiga la xidhiidha, isla markaana waa kuwo u hiilinaya mujrimka oo aan wax xuquuq ah oo macna leh siinayn dhibanaha.
8) Xeerku isaga ayaa dhiirigelinaya xumaanta, sababta oo ah qofka ka yar 18 jir denbiga uu gaysto iyo kufsiga uu ku kaco laguma ciqaabayo ciqaabtii uu mudnaa, waayo sida xeerku qabo waa caruur, kufsiyo wadareedyada dalkeenna ka dhacay sannaddadii ugu danbeeyey inta aan xog ogaalka u ahay waxa gaystay dhalin yaro da’ayaan u dhexeeya 14-18 jir !
9) Sidoo kale xeerku waxa uu ciqaabta ka fududeynayaa haddii uu denbiiluhu sakhraansanyahay ama uu qof weyn yahay !
10) Xeerku isaga ayaa iska hor imanaya oo da’da caruurnimada lagaga baxo marna waxa uu odhanayaa waa 18 wixii ka weyn marar kalena waxa uu odhanayaa caruurnimadu waa 15 wixii ka yar!

Intaasi kugu filan in aad yaqiinsato in xeerkani shareecada khilaafsan yahay ee aanu waafaqsanayn sida lagu andacooday ee dhexdiisa lagu sheegay, isla markaana distoorka oo shareecadu gundhig u tahay uu ka hor imanayo.

1- Waxase intan iyo in ka badani toona aanay ku fillayn oo aanay anfacay kuwo aan ogahay oo shaqadoodu tahay u ololeynta isu guurinta dadka isku jinsiga ah iyo sharciyeynta arrintaas.
2- Waxa aanay caddeyntani waxba u tarayn, kuwo diintaba ka aaminsan in aanay noqon karintixraac ama masdar sharciga laga qaadan karo, isla markaana aanay qarnigan 21aad la jaanqaadi karin, kuwaasi waxa ay inkirsan yihiin distoorka oo shareecadu in ay gundhig u tahay ku dhisan.
3- Waxa aanay caqli celin u noqonayn kuwa iyagu marka horeba u ololeeya fududeynta asbaabta kufsiga keenta.

Dhammaan qolyahan sare waxa ay ka qayliyeen qoraal yar oo aan ku sheegay in uu xeerku shareecada khilaafsan yahay, isla markaana iyaga oo xujo moodaya ku celceliyeen bal soo caddee sida uu diinta u baalmarsan yahay, hadda ogow iyagu diinta way baalmarsan yihiine !


1) Nasiib darro xeerkani dooni maayo in uu dhibaato jirta xalliyo ee waxa uu u muuqdaa in uu dhibaatooyin hor leh abuurayo, waxa uu iska indho tirayaa oo aanu hal kelmad ka odhannin wax yaalaha sababi kara tacaddiga iyo xumaanta jinsiga, ka hortegidda denbiga waxba ku darsan maayo, taa liddigeedana in uu fududeynayo ayaadka dhex fahmaysaa.
2) Waxa aynnu nahay dad muslimiin ah oo akhlaaqdu diin u tahay, islaamku waxa uu geliyey dadaal badan dhowridda karaamada qofka iyo wanaajinta akhlaaqda bulshada, quraanka waxa ku jirta Suuratu Nuur oo badankeedu ku saabsan yahay ka hortagga waxyaalaha sababi kara faafitaanka Kufsiga iyo Sinada, kuwaasoo tawjiihinaya waalidka, masuuliyiinta, xaasaska, dhalinyarada iyo ubadkaba.
3) Waxa loo baahanyahay in akhlaaq xumada baahaysa, fanka qaawan, fusuqa maqalka iyo muuqaalka leh ee warbaahinteenna ka baxa, xarumaha caanka ku ah fasaadinta akhlaaqda ee meel kasta ka furan in wax laga qabto, kuwaas ayaa fududeeya kufsiga, kuwaas macaamiishooda ayaa geysta falalka kufsiga, kuwaas ayaa u baahan in sharcigani xakameeyo sharciyo u gaar ahna loo soo saaro.

Fiiro Gaar ah:
Xeerka waa la baahiyey, netkana waa la geliyey, sidaa awgeed qodobbada aan sheegay xeerka ayaad ugu noqon kartaa, inta aan sheegayna kuma koobna ceebaha xeerkani ee intani waa tusaale uun.

Tawfiiqda Alle ha ina waafajiyo.

Dr-Abdulqani Hussein Beder.

Somaliland President Invites Prominent Foreigner Support of Recognition

South African Ambassador in Eritrea Iqbal Jhazbhay is an Ardent Somaliland Recognition Campaigner

Somalilandsun- Is @musebihi restructuring #somaliland foreign policy @somalilandmfa as @slpresidency invites friends of Somaliland as #ethiopia #eritrea rapproach @GEESKAM

Read President to Host Prominent Foreigners and Ardent Somaliland Recognition Campaigners

Iqbal Jhazbhay on Somaliland’s quest for international recognition


Somalilandsun- n December 4th 2014, Iqbal Jhazbay analysed Somaliland’s quest for international recognition at the launch event for Michael Walls’s new publication for ARI: “Statebuilding in the Somali region: Compromise, competition and representation

Somaliland Mental Health Support Org Beneficiaries Receive Donations from the Turkish Red Crescent


Somalilandsun – Patients at various Mental hospitals in Somaliland as well as a large number of children from poor families and Internally Displaced Persons have benefited from donations availed by the Turkish Red Crescent.

The assortment of Turkish donations was received on behalf of the target beneficiaries by officials of the Somaliland mental health Support organization –SMHSO in Hargeisa with the presence of Dr Ahmed Omar Askar, Director General of  Hargeisa Group Hospital in witness.

The Turkish donation included an assortment of foodstuffs and clothing’s as well as 450 heads of cattle and over 4000 sheep’s and goats.

Founded in 1868 the Turkish Red Crescent is the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey and is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Somaliland was among 40 other countries worldwide to receive similar Turkish donation

While handing over the goods the Turkish Red Crescent team leader in the function said that the donation was a gift from the people of Turkey to their Somaliland Brethren especially during these moments when Muslims all over the world are celebrating the new Islamic Year 1440 Hijri.

Upon thanking the people of Turkey for the donation and the Turkish Red Crescent for facilitating delivery  the director General of the Hargeisa Group Hospital, Dr Ahmed Askar said that the friendship of the peoples and governments of Somaliland and Turkey is not only long standing and beneficial to both but historical as well.


In a post event briefing to The Horn Tribune Newspaper and  the SMSHO Senior Technical Advisor Prof Eid Ali Salaan said that “the donation did not only come  at a very apt moment  but has been  distributed fairly to target beneficiaries”

Accordingly inpatients at the Hargeisa group hospital and Gabile hospital mental health units in addition to a large number of identified needy families from the two regions shared out an assortment of packed foodstuffs and clothing as well an equal share, per head, from the donated 450 heads of cattle’s.

Prof Eid also revealed that the Turkish donation was also dispatched to the eastern region of Toghdeer where the allocated packages of foodstuffs and clothing as well as 4000 goats and sheep’s were distributed to the targeted beneficiaries within the region.

Apart from thanking the Turkish Ted Crescent for its Largesse  as well Participation in distribution to target beneficiaries, Prof Eid A Salaan also commended Mr Yasser Arish, a senior advisor at the Somaliland  ministry of Interior for his succesful facilitation of contact between the SMSHO and the Turkish red crescent.

About the SMSHO


Headquartered in Cardiff Wales, the Somaliland Mental Health Support Organization maintains operational offices in Hargeisa where it undertakes various support activities pertaining to improving status of mental health in the country through the largesse of its British Somalilanders founders as well as other Diaspora based nationals of this country

Since establishing an operational office in the country the SMSHO has undertaken tangible mental health activities notably

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The Welsh Somali Achievement Awards 2017


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Top 10 African Tribes Taken In The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Somaliland: President Bihi on Forthcoming Elections and other Issues

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Somaliland: Standing Ovation for Edna Adan at Goalkeepers 2018

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