Yemeni Rebels Threaten to Strike Somaliland’s Berbera Port


Somalilandsun- Yemen’s Houthi rebel groups have threatened to strike Somaliland’s Berbera port should authority in Somaliland continue its lease agreement to the United Arab Emirates. Read more 

The Welsh Somali Achievement Awards 2017


Somalilandsun – The Wales Somaliland Community Achievement Awards returned to Cardiff after a brief pause for a few years, its return was highly anticipated and it didn’t disappoint as it certainly wasan exceptional and more enriched ceremony than previous years.  Continue reading Welsh Somaliland Achievement Celebrated in Cardiff, Wales


ETI trademark


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NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that legal proceedings will be instituted against any person or company that uses the same trademark or any imitation thereof, or against anyone that violates this trademark ownership rights.

For further information, please contact:
Inventa International

Somaliland: Appeasement or Merit based cabinet Composition?


Somalilandsun – The first decree issued by Muse Behi Abdi as president of Somaliland was appointment of his council of ministers.
Composed of 23 full ministers and 9 deputies the President Muse Behi greatly contrasts that of his predecessors that is outgoing composed of 70 members among them full ministers, deputies and state ministers. Continue Reading The President Behi Cabinet, Merit or Appeasement Based Appointments?

Sweden and UNICEF join hands to bring clean water to Somaliland villages


Somaliland and the place of women in politics [The Morning Call]


Somaliland: President Muse Behi Names 23 Member Council of Ministers

Muse Behi Abdi the fifth president of Somaliland

Somalilandsun – A day after assuming office President Muse Behi Abdi has unveiled a 23 member council of ministers. Continue reading

Somaliland: The Transition Politics of Government Debt

Presidents Muse Behi and Dahir Rayale

Somaliland: Silanyo Decried Assuming Rayale Administration Debt, should Muse Behi Accept? continue reading

Challenges Ahead of Somaliland’s New President

Corruption in Somaliland is big challenge facing incoming president

Somalilandsun- The new president of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi will be inaugurated as fifth president on December 13, 2017, after his victory of a tight contest with the country’s two opposition candidates but ultimately a legitimate election when his main challenger, Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdilahi (Irro) conceded a defeat and called for national unity.

The election of the new president in Somaliland has attracted the eyes and attention of the neighboring countries as well as the international community. Thus, his inauguration is believed to be a tribute to democratic presidential election that took place peacefully in the country last November in this year but to overcome many challenges is an examination for the new president elected.

The International Election Mission congratulated the way, the election was performed by Somaliland government in collaboration with the local citizens for whom, nothing could have been successfully done without their support and I am here to thank for all Somaliland citizens, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the political parties for doing their responsibility and commitment that led the peaceful poll into a positive conclusion by electing a competent leader expected to solve many domestic and foreign social problems.

The challenges that are ahead of the new president could be internal and external issues. However, let us state that the domestic challenges are to be; uniting the people after many clans splintered into groups during the election campaign, dealing with inflation, poverty, poor healthcare, education, corruption, silence of the rule of law, the reform of all government institutions and tremendous youth unemployment which are all threats to social stability and peace in Somaliland. Such internal challenges will be hindering at any success of his administration if not given a full contemplation and careful actions against them.

Poverty in Somaliland needs urgent attention

Additionally, one of the most politically awaited pressing internal matter for the new president is the implementation of Khatumo agreement with Somaliland that will pave the way for a lasting peaceful existence in the country and will also fortify the national cohesion and the solidarity of Somalilanders at last in which the out-going president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) signed on October, 20th in Anaibo, Saraar region. The agreement is centered on five main principles such as national unity, power-sharing, living together in peace, national development and uniting against all external threats.

The external challenges are also included by the long waited pending recognition of Somaliland depending on the new design; the president comes with talks between Somaliland and Somalia, the improvement of current poor diplomatic relations with African Union, Arab Muslim countries and the international partners to Somaliland which was worsened by the successive delays of country’s elections.

As a final point of my writing, the new president is expected to form a clean government free from corruption as well as strengthening the relationship with the UAE that signed a contract of $ 442 million investment project with Somaliland that was highly politicized but now the new president will also have the opportunity to improve it and gain the confidence of the nation showing them that the project implementation will be transparent that will formulate the country as a hub of economic development in the Horn of Africa and the rest of the world.
By: Muse Jeeh, Freelance writer
Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Somaliland:: In Response to Op-ed by President-elect Muse Behi Abdi

Kulmiye Party won 55% of votes cast during the 2017 Somaliland presidential elections

Somalilandsun-Since too many people are afraid to speak about the President-elect’s recent op-ed, because they desperately want a position in the upcoming Kulmiye administration – it’s now time to step up and share my two cents on this contentious issue.
Almost a fortnight ago, President-elect Musa Bihi Abdi authored an op-ed that was published in the Financial Times, an English-language international daily newspaper with an average daily readership of 2.2 million people worldwide.
So is Is Musa Bihi Abdi preparing to lead a ‘New Kulmiye’ government? Quips citizen in his opinion piece below verbatim“Since too many people are afraid to speak about the President-elect’s recent op-ed, because they desperately want a position in the upcoming Kulmiye administration – it’s now time to step up and share my two cents on this contentious issue.

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VP Sayli and his next boss, the Somaliland president elect Muse Behi

Almost a fortnight ago, President-elect Musa Bihi Abdi authored an op-ed that was published in the Financial Times, an English-language international daily newspaper with an average daily readership of 2.2 million people worldwide.
In his piece, Musa highlighted several key issues his administration intends to focus on such as: national security, the economy, healthcare, education and foreign affairs.
He also said his administration will ‘seize the opportunity’ to root out corruption that he argues ‘remains all to present in Somaliland’ and more controversially, he claims that it’s one of the areas where President Silanyo’s government has ‘fallen short’ in within the past seven years.
We all know that corruption exists in Somaliland – just like it does in every other country – but what exactly is Musa implying? Is Musa insinuating that President Silanyo has been turning a blind eye to corruption for the past seven years? Is Musa beginning to distance himself from his longtime mentor and colleague – and his own party?
Pledging to root out corruption, while simultaneously claiming that the outgoing Kulmiye administration failed to tackle corruption, is a contradictory statement.
Wasn’t Musa elected on the Kulmiye party ticket? Or was he running as the presidential candidate of another party?
What is even more worrying, is the fact that Musa never criticized Silanyo’s government on the campaign trail. On numerous occasions during the campaign, Musa promised to ‘carry on’ President Silanyo’s and Kulmiye’s legacy if he is elected.
It is also very concerning to see these claims coming from Musa – just two weeks after winning the election. Jamal Ali Hussein’s open letter to Musa, that was published a few days before this op-ed, was also highly critical of Silanyo’s government and his fiscal record.
Both of these critical essays are now leading many people to believe that the President-elect and his administration might also backtrack on many other campaign promises.
However – there is still time to put an end to all this confusion. If Musa didn’t properly read this essay before approving it, and wasn’t aware of these claims, now is the time to step up and clear the air, and reassure the hundreds of thousands of citizens that voted and campaigned for him because of Kulmiye’s achievements under President Silanyo.

Robleh Mohamud Aidid Lafcanbe

Read: No Illusions about challenges facing Somaliland by President elect Muse Behi Abdi

Somaliland: Dahabshiil Wins in US Appellate Court Against Baseless Allegations


Somalilandsun-The Somali-owned, international money transfer company, Dahabshiil, was cleared on Friday by the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit of allegations raised by one Harbi Hussein in an attempt to link the reputed remittance company to terror financing.

The case was filed in April 2016 against Dahabshiil and its affiliates in the United States by attorney Joshua D. Arisohn, a partner with Bursor & Fisher, who represented Mr. Harbi, son of the late Somalia MP Saado Ali, the ‘estate of Saado Ali Warsame’ and other members of her immediate family.

The Plaintiffs-Appellants Harbi Hussein, Ayanle Ali, Maryan Ali and Riyak Ali appealed a January 27, 2017, opinion and order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Caproni, J.) which dismissed their first amended complaint with prejudice.

The US appellate court upheld the January ruling of the District Court, deciding ‘that the order of said District Court be and it hereby is affirmed’.

The appeal court, upon deep consideration of materials and arguments presented by the plaintiffs and complainants/defendants (Dahabshiil) in the case, adjudged:

“Here, plaintiffs failed to raise a plausible allegation that defendants performed any banking services in favor of al-Shabaab while acting with the requisite mental state. In their complaint, plaintiffs assert that four transfers originating in Minnesota were made by defendants on behalf of al-Shabaab. However, the complaint also indicates that all four transfers were sent by individuals unaffiliated with defendants, who deliberately concealed the nature of the transactions by sending the money under false names, or to individuals with no public association with al-Shabaab. The remaining allegations in the complaint are highly generalized and do not contain enough detail to “nudge[ ] their claims across the line from conceivable to plausible.”

“As a result, the complaint does not provide a plausible basis to infer that defendants, either individually or collectively, knew or were deliberately indifferent to the fact that their services were used to send funds to al-Shabaab on any specific occasion.”
Realizing that the defendants could not be linked to Al Shabaab in any plausible form tried to smear the services of the reputable company in a mountain of unfounded generalizations, speculation and flimsy allegations that the court espied and dismissed as such.

“The remaining allegations in the complaint are highly generalized and do not contain enough detail to “nudge[ ] their claims across the line from conceivable to plausible.”
Summing up its ruling, the appellate court concluded “We have considered the remainder of plaintiffs’ arguments and find them to be without merit. Accordingly, the order of the district court hereby is AFFIRMED”.

Dahabshil fully compliant with anti terror financing and money laundering norms

Similar, trumped-up charges have been raised against the company by a notorious blackmailer and extortionist – Dahir Alasow, misused his Dutch citizenship by abysmally using the amorphous umbrella of media freedom as a vehicle to exhort people of money, information or power. He never concealed the part he played in egging the plaintiffs to file a case against Dahabshiil in the US in order to substantiate his flagging, personal crusade against the company’s reputation.

Same as the final adjudgment of the US appellate court in the case of Harbi VS Dahabshiil, Dutch courts had found Alasow’s attempts to defend his allegations to link Dahabshiil with Al Shabaab shallow, unsubstantiated and meritless on a number of occasions.

Dahabshiil has more than 24000 outlets throughout the world and is one of the fastest growing remittance companies in Africa as it is one of the most compliant in international laws regulating the money transfer, in particular, and the finance sector, in general.


Somaliland: Journalists Adhered to Election Reporting Code of Code-Monitoring Committee

Local Media Lauded for Apt Conduct during Somaliland Presidential Elections 2017

Somalilandsun – As opposed to prior elections the 2017 presidential polls saw local media houses perform devoid of any unethical acts
This was revealed by a committee appointed to monitor local media performance during the 2017 presidential elections during a meeting organized by the Somaliland Journalists Association –SOLJA in Hargeisa
Continue reading Local Media Lauded for Apt Conduct during Somaliland Presidential Elections 2017

Somaliland: Spanish Archaeological Excavations in Bullhar-2017


Somaliland sun- The Incipit-CSIC project in Somaliland, 2017 field season presentation by Alfredo González-Ruibal (Titular Scientist of the Incipit-CSIC)

Video Transcript “During the 2016 campaign in Somaliland we have had the opportunity to study several archaeological sites that significantly transform our knowledge of the history of the Horn of Africa and Indian trade in general during the last two millennia. In this talk we will present the main findings -from caravan stations to Persian emporiums, passing through a prehistoric sanctuary- and explain how they will allow us to change some of the perspectives that up to now we had on the social processes in the African coast of Indian Ocean.

In the 2016 field season in Somaliland, we had had the opportunity to study several archaeological sites that significantly transformed our knowledge of the history of the Horn of Africa and the Indian trade in general during the last two millennia. In this talk of research study, we will make known the main findings made -from posts caravan to Persian emporiums, through a prehistoric sanctuary- and explain how they will allow us to change some of the perspectives that they have had on Social processes on the African coast of the Indian Ocean.

Place: Assembly Hall, IIAG, Santiago de Compostela.

Date of event: 03/15/2016

Director: Rubén Vuelta-Santín (Research Assistant of the Incipit-CSIC).

Somaliland: Imperatives of Quest for Recognition, INGO Policies and Talks with Somalia


Somalilandsun – The Country needs to put new regulations in place to direct the international non-governmental organizations.  For example, in hiring employees the NGOs must precedence qualified Somaliland citizens over foreigners. Any NGO that does not seriously fulfill its commitments must not operate in Somaliland.

In a piece titled Somaliland: Maintaining the Development Momentum, Dr. Yusuf Dirir Ali further argues that “The incoming Somaliland government must wage media and diplomatic marathon to achieve its ultimate national object – the recognition of its sovereignty.  The Somaliland-Somalia dialogue on their future relations is an issue that is very close to the hearts of all Somalilanders and it needs to be treated diligently

somaliland somalia talks

As or talks with Mogadishu the author says “Realistically speaking, the venue of the Somaliland-Somalia talks must not be in Turkey or in other Arab or Muslim country, simply because, these countries are not sympathetic and prepared to see a geopolitical change in this part of the world.

Continue Reading Somaliland: Maintaining the Development Momentum

Our .com Sister Site Back Online


Somalilandsun- Following a few days offline our sister site is back online.  continue reading

Somaliland: Presidential Election Results Pend Supreme Court Confirmation


Somalilandsun – The confirmation of Muse Behi Abdi as the fifth president of Somaliland is to be made by the Supreme Court.
This was revealed by the chef Justice Prof Adan Haji Ali during a briefing to Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa where he informed that the national election commission has submitted its provisional results to his office.
“As per constitutional dictates NEC has submitted its provisional election results to the Supreme Court which shall officialize Muse Behi Abdi as president within seven days from date of initial announcement by NEC” said the CJ.
In the hotly contested elections held on the 13th November 2017 the Kulmiye party candidate emerged winner having garnered 55% of the votes cast.
His main opponent Abdirahman Irro of Wadani party emerged second with over 40% of votes cast while Eng Feisal Ali of UCID recorded 4%.

According to the Chief Justice the seven days prior to official confirmation are allocated to enable any complaints to be submitted to the country’s highest law Court.
“If any stakeholder submits any complaints against the results submitted by NEC then official announcement shall deferred to a later date” said the Somaliland Chief Justice Prof Adan Haji Ali

Somaliland: President-elect Extends Hand of Reconciliation in his First Post Election Speech

Kulmiye Party won 55% of votes cast during the 2017 Somaliland presidential elections

Somalilandsun – On the 21 November, 2017, The National Election Commission, declared the wining party of Presidential election, held on 13th November 2013 as the candidates of Kulmiye Party, The ruling Party of Somaliland. Mr. Bihi and his running mate Mr. Abdirahman Saylie won 305,909 votes representing 55.19% of total votes casted. The second Party Waddani won 226,092 (40.73%), while the third Party, UCID got 23,141 ( 4.17%) of the total vote casted.
Thus Mr. Muse Bihi and Abdirahman Saylie were confirmed as President Elect and Vice President respectfully.
Mr, Bihi was touched emotionally by the margin of the win. He is first ever elected Somaliland President with overwhelming majority. In his first public speech as President elect, he showed humility and spirit of thankfulness. After thanking his followers for the trust they bestowed upon him, he expressed the burden of leadership and his unreserved endeavour to unite the nation . Here under is his speech, translated from Somali.
All thanks to Allah, then to my Kulmiye supporters, and to all citizens of Somaliland. I am humbled and honoured to win the trust of my people with this enormous margin. I feel intense with the obligation of responsibility. I realise the huge tasks in front of me, to address the immense needs of my people. I shall be President for all, those who voted for me and those who did not.

Muse Behi Abdi the fifth president of Somaliland

First and Foremost I appreciate the smooth running of our electoral process, with the outcome of all accepted free and fair election, as a historic landmark for our country. Let me thank the NEC, the Police and National Army, and above all our peace loving, well mannered and democratically oriented public. We did a great job. The whole nation deserves to be praised. It is not Kulmiye’s victory, not mine, but victory for all of us. The Nation won. It is not me and you, it is all of us who succeeded.
Disputes are human nature. Families quarrel. A father and son squabble, so a mother and daughter. We contested an election with exciting campaigns, bruises and scratches happened from all parties. It is nothing but a part of the game. There is no enmity between us and no hard feeling at all. Each one of us wants to develop and secure our national interest. We have different means to do that. We presented these differences to our people and the people decided. That is why we all prevail.
I feel that I am not the sole winner, UCID and WADDANI candidates as well triumphed. They contested peaceful and spotless campaign that attracted the eyes of the world. The congratulations and commendable message from International Election Observers, the friendly countries and the world at large is the result of our combined undertaking. Together, we made our people proud and put our country celebrated worldwide for its democracy, a rare attribute to a developing country, lest unrecognised one. We raised our status to be recognised as an independent and sovereign nation. A sacred mission we all seek to accomplish.
I will let no stone unturned to remedy any grudge or resentment any Party feels, I will bring all of us, the three political Parties and their leadership to unite for the common good of our Somaliland. We cannot avoid disunity at these critical times. We have one enemy. That enemy is neither mine nor yours it is our enemy, and we have to unite against him. I welcome my yesterday adversaries as my brothers, with open hand and clean heart to preserve the unity of the nation. United we can move mountains, divided we will fail.
Needless to say, what we share is overwhelmingly more than the tiny differences we have.

Thank You and Allah bless you.
Long live Somaliland, Viva Kulmiye. May peace and Allah’s mercy be with us all.


Translated By: Ahmed Hassan Arwo

Dahabshiil builds recovery ward for Madina hospital, starts blood bank


Somalilandsun- Dahabshil Group pledged to build a recovery ward for Mogadishu’s Madina Hospital and to give a helping hand in the construction of a blood bank and the optimization of ambulance fleets.

Dahabshiil made its word true.

The Group handed over a fully-equipped recovery ward to the Hospital management on Thursday, officiated by the Mayor of Mogadishu, who is also Benadir Regional Governor, Thabit Abdi Mohamed.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Mohamed Yussuf, Madina Hospital Director, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the health sector, the hospital and inpatients, to Dahabshiil, placing the Group at the forefront of selfless, Somali philanthropists.

“Dahabshiil has provided us a facility whose services was direly missed by the hospital,” Dr. Yussuf said.

“For that and the Group’s consistent support to health facilities and the society, in general, we are extremely grateful”, he added.

Dahabshiil Group
Dahabshiil Group CEO for S&C Somalia, Hassan A Awad
Hassan Abdi Awad, Chief Executive Officer of Dahabshiil South and Central Somalia, established that the Group will continue filling in the gaps in social welfare as much as they can.

“We are, today, handing over a recovery ward whose construction and furnishing we have supported, but, as in the past, the group will spare no effort to contribute to projects that have a tremendous impact on social welfare, infrastructure and development,” Mr. Awad said.

Mr. Awad disclosed that Dahabshiil Group will commence the construction of a blood bank for the Hospital.

On his part, Governor Thabit profusely thanked the Group on how it had become the epitome of support on vital, socially worthy projects.

Dahabshiil Group, according to the Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Dr. Fozia Abukar Nour, was the first to respond to the 14 October in which over 300 people were killed by a suicide bomber. In a meeting the held with the Minister, the Group promised a number of steps to rectify the absent health facilities in emergencies such as the Zoppe calamity. A recovery ward, a blood bank and the optimization of ambulances ferrying the injured figured prominently in the discussion.

IC Views Somaliland Differently after successful presidential election conduct


Somalilandsun – The Somaliland President- Elect Muse Behi Abdi is assured of a conducive working relation with the international community once he assumes office.
This development follows the huge commendations accorded the just concluded presidential elections by a diverse IC Membership.

Among the countries and bodies within the IC with a stake in the Somaliland democratization process that issued congratulatory statements include U.K. , Sweden, Denmark, USA and the EU.
Sources close to the president-elect indicate that the change of heart by the IC is a bonus atop his election victory considering sour relations with the outgoing government
The bad blood between the current administration of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and the IC emanated from regular election postponements and subsequent executive term extensions which, was seen and termed as injurious to the Somaliland democratization process.

“Now that Anomalies related to election postponement have been assuaged by successful conduct of presidential polls, our relations are back to normal” was a gist of the various IC statements.

Somaliland’s self-determination is about restoration, and not secession


Somalilandsun- A new President invariably has many calls upon their time, this is certainly true of the President-Elect of Somaliland. Whilst the country can take pride in the election that has recently taken place, it is now time to get on with the business of governing and serving the people. There is a general agreement that job creation needs to be the top priority, especially in view of a burgeoning population, many of whom are jobless or under-employed. Matters are further complicated by the perception that in the past nepotism has been the route to employment and preferment.

The twin issue of unemployment and under-employment taxes the brightest of minds, and yet it is one concern that has to be addressed by any government. Naturally, much of the focus tends to be on urban unemployment, hence the hope provided by the development of the Port of Berbera. In reality, the highest levels of unemployment, especially youth unemployment, are in the regions and remoter areas of the country, away from the political nexus that is Hargeisa. There is a perception, rightly or wrongly, that the Government in Hargeisa neglects the regions, and so must make a more concerted effort to reach out as never before. Thriving economies are those that cherish all districts, and thus it is essential that a new administration make a conscious effort to stimulate economic growth in all areas, not just in its own political heartland.

Effective government requires effective ministers and officials. Successive administrations have been tarnished by charges of cronyism, and thus it is imperative that every effort is made to ensure appointment and promotion on merit. Productivity remains an issue, especially when some senior officials feel that they can breeze in and out whenever they like. A country that seeks to earn international respect, must prove worthy through its industriousness and its desire for self-improvement. This brings us to the thorny issue of corruption. Whether we like it or not corruption is a fact of life, yet it need not be tolerated. All countries have forms of corruption, yet some appear more accepting of the fact. It is essential that Somaliland seeks to learn from others how best to tackle the scourge of corruption, and furthermore, needs to wage a sustained campaign against those who think nothing of using power, money and influence to get their way. The authorities need to have the courage for the fight, for it will be a long and arduous one, but it is a fight that has to be won. Somaliland requires a free and fearless press, one that is given appropriate safeguards. Journalists need to be responsible, and constantly strive to adhere to the very highest ethical standards. For a healthy independent media helps makes for a healthy democracy, a point that has yet to be grasped by the majority of governments across the Horn of Africa.


If Somaliland is to truly prosper it must harness the considerable talent of its womenfolk. Whilst there will be some who baulk a such a notion, in reality there are already plenty of splendid examples of women who have more than proved their worth. All citizens deserve to live in safety and to feel valued. The country will only thrive when it provides opportunities for all regardless of gender or clan affinity. During the recent Presidential Election Campaign it was heartening that all the Presidential candidates publicly committed to tackle FGM, a human wrong that costs many lives unnecessarily every year and invariably causes lifelong trauma. Somaliland should have no place for misogynists, or for those who engage in or seek to perpetuate gender based violence. For the country to take its rightful place in the world, it must espouse values that engender tolerance and mutual respect. Inclusion requires a sea change in attitudes and practices, and whilst change will take time, it is imperative that clear leadership is given, and laws framed and modified accordingly.

Those in leadership roles must be mindful of their roles as servants. Service is the highest calling, and requires us all to look to execute our tasks and labours to the very best of our ability. People across Somaliland look to their President for leadership, but equally must assist their President when it comes to demonstrating a unity of purpose. Managing water shortages, tackling pollution and environmental degradation cannot be done by one man. Each citizen must take ownership of these problems. Progress can and will be made. Thankfully there are examples elsewhere in Africa in countries such as Botswana and Rwanda that can provide useful examples of how pressing problems can be addressed successfully. The country must redouble its efforts to cherish the natural world, whilst ensuring that it protects all citizens, especially the most vulnerable in its midst.

Some of the most pressing problems, especially drought, will require a spirit of co-operation with regional neighbours. It is important that meaningful links are forged at every level. Organisations such as IGAD have a constructive role to play in helping address regional needs. Somaliland must prove itself to be a caring and responsible neighbour, and what is more, a faithful friend. Family and cultural connections help encourage greater understanding, and are already helping to change misconceptions. Somaliland must be willing to reach out as never before and thus through extending the hand of friendship will learn more about itself in the process.

Naturally, many will give thought to Somaliland’s standing in the world. The situation is clear, Somaliland’s right to self-determination is not a question of secession, but of restoration. The past, present and future mean that its people have chosen its own trajectory. International Law such as it is may well stack the odds against recognition, but it is increasingly becoming clear that it is not a matter of if, but when? For Somalilanders this is a matter of choice, they earnestly desire the right to choose their own destiny. Such choice is not made out of animosity, but out of love, love for those lost in the recent past, and the love of Somalilanders not yet born. President-Elect Musa Bihi Abdi and those who seek to lead Somaliland would do well to appreciate the enormity of the task that they have undertaken, but equally should commit to memory the Latin phrase – Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All.

Mark T. Jones
Consultant Futurist

Twitter: @marktjones500

How a local response curbed cholera outbreak in Somaliland


Somalilandsun- In Somaliland, cholera is a symptom of drought. Rainy seasons in the Horn of Africa have disappointed for three consecutive years, now heading into the fourth. As crops fail, livestock die and boreholes dry up, communities drink whatever water they can find. Prolonged malnourishment compromises immune systems, making patients more susceptible to cholera. According to Oxfam, cholera has been associated with more than 1,500 deaths this year in this part of Africa.
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Somaliland: IRS Scanner Technology to Stem Voter Fraud World’s Guinea Pig

President Silanyo casts his vote in the Somaliland presidential elections of 13 Nov 2017

Somalilandsun- Somaliland has become the the world’s guinea pig for iris-recognition technology at a presidential poll,
The yet to be recognized country became the first in the world to use the scanners, which is the world’s most sophisticated voting register during presidential elections held on 13th November 2017

Continue reading  Somaliland: World’s Guinea Pig for Use of IRS Scanner Technology to Stem Voter Fraud

Somaliland: International Observers Look Forward to Positive Electoral Process Conclusion


Somalilandsun- International observers of Somaliland’s presidential election congratulate the Somaliland people on a peaceful poll and look forward to a positive conclusion to the electoral process

Press statement

“Following Somaliland’s third presidential election on 13 November 2017, the International Election Observation Mission anticipates a moment of change in Somaliland, as President Ahmed Silanyo, in office since 2010, steps down after his successor has been declared elected. Most members of the 60-person observation mission, funded by the British government and drawing on members from 27 countries, are now preparing to leave Somaliland, leaving a small team to observe the declaration of results and the reaction to that announcement.

Chief observer, Dr Michael Walls of the Development Planning Unit (DPU) at University College London (UCL) and Somaliland Focus UK, notes:

“We are pleased to have observed an election which has seen Somaliland show its democratic spirit, and we congratulate the National Electoral Commission on a well-run poll. We look forward to the announcement of a credible result. Furthermore we call on all parties to urge their supporters to accept the result, for the sake of Somaliland, and we encourage any who are dissatisfied with that result to pursue complaints through legal channels.”

The mission, which has had members in Somaliland since just before the start of the campaign on 21 October 2017, has been pleased to witness an enthusiastic campaign. The election has featured a number of firsts, including a unique use of innovative iris-scan technology as the biometric base for a voter register; the first-ever televised presidential debate in Somaliland’s history; and the first participation in a Somaliland election of some in the easternmost regions. On polling day, observers witnessed election processes in approximately 350 polling stations across Somaliland’s six regions, as well as post-voting processes, and noted that polling was generally conducted peacefully and efficiently.

We have noted areas of concern, including observation of what appeared to be underage voting, the blocking of social media sites and some inconsistencies in polling station procedure. However, we did not observe irregularities at a scale that would undermine the integrity of the electoral process. Now that voting is complete and the result is being calculated, we call on voters, candidates and parties to exhibit patience and to support the National Electoral Commission as it completes its important work.

As the mission departs, the co-ordinators thank the National Electoral Commission, those in Somaliland who have assisted, and especially the observers themselves. Still, the work goes on: for the mission, which will issue its final report in the first half of 2018, and will retain a small team to observe post-poll events, and for Somaliland. The mission looks forward to future elections as Somaliland continues its democratic journey under new executive leadership.

1. For further information or to arrange an interview with a member of the coordination team, please contact Conrad Heine (EOM media coordinator) on +252 (0)63 486 5255 or Photographs are also available.

2. Somaliland declared unilateral independence from Somalia in 1991 following the collapse of Somalia’s government. It remains internationally unrecognised.

3. The mission is online at, @SomalilandFocus and

Somaliland: Speculation Galore as Country Awaits Presidential Election Results


Somalilandsun – The entire citizenry is in the grip of a post election vote count speculation with supporters of Wadani and Kulmiye parties claiming victory. Continue reading 

The Top Marijuana Penny Stock to Watch in 2018


Somalilandsun- The top marijuana penny stock to watch in 2018 has already returned quadruple-digit gains this year. In fact, shares of this company have exploded a massive 4,000% since Jan. 1.

But we’re not recommending you buy this marijuana stock. Its 4,000% gain means it currently trades at a high price, meaning there’s the possibility that it may not have much more momentum left.

Instead, we’re going to show you one of Money Morning Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research – and marijuana investing expert – Michael A. Robinson’s favorite pot stocks to buy for 2018. It’s a pioneering company in the hydroponics industry, which is set to reach over $24 billion next year.

Before we show you this must-own stock, here’s more on the biggest marijuana penny stock gainer of 2017 so far…

This Is the Top Marijuana Penny Stock to Watch in 2018
The best-performing cannabis stock of 2017 is Sprout Tiny Homes Inc. (OTCMKTS: STHI). It’s a construction company in Colorado that builds both cannabis greenhouse facilities and small, energy-efficient “tiny homes.” These are often up to 400 square feet and are attractive for their affordability, environmental efficiency, and simplicity.

The company’s tiny-home business is responsible for its quadruple-digit return this year. Shares of STHI stock are up 4,000% since Jan. 1 and even exploded 12,400%, from $0.02 to $2.50, during Q1 alone after the firm received approval to build a 200-tiny-home community in Salida, Colo. This community is expected to be the United States’ biggest tiny-home development.

Sprout Tiny Homes will stay on our watch list as the Salida development reaches completion. The tiny-home community is expected to be completed sometime in 2018, and STHI shareholders could react to any news surrounding the construction progress.

Although STHI stock has seen a quadruple-digit gain this year, we don’t recommend buying shares right now. Our experts look for stocks that are set for gains ahead of them rather than behind them.

Today, Michael is providing a marijuana stock poised to surge next year.

Although his recommendation isn’t a marijuana penny stock, the company is considered the leading pioneer of the marijuana industry’s fastest-growing sector – hydroponics.


Hydroponics involves growing marijuana in nutrient- and mineral-rich water. This method has been revolutionary in the cannabis industry since it doesn’t use soil, which has traditionally been critical to the cultivation process.

“This means no mess and, more importantly, no pesticides,” Robinson said. “That’s a key consideration for green consumers.”

Research firm Manifest Mind reports the global value of all hydroponically grown plants was $19.95 billion in 2015. That value is expected to rise 20.3%, to $24 billion, in 2018.

Michael’s pick – which has traditionally sold gardening products – was one of the first firms to bet on the hydroponics sector’s growth. It bought a hydroponics firm two years ago, in what was then the company’s most expensive acquisition in 17 years.

While news outlets called the acquisition “controversial,” Michael’s pick has been making a killing ever since. Bloomberg reports this company’s revenue from the hydroponics sector alone could grow 300% over the next few years.

And by buying shares of the company, you could make money from its continued dominance in the hydroponics industry…

One of the Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy for 2018
Michael recommends Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. (NYSE: SMG) as the best way to profit from the growing hydroponics sector.

Scotts Miracle-Gro has long been known for selling a wide variety of garden products. The uses for its line of products have included insect control, lawn fertilization, gardening, and landscaping.

But the company has pushed into the marijuana industry in recent years, particularly in 2015, when it made a big acquisition…

On April 3, 2015, Scotts announced it would acquire General Hydroponics – a leading innovator in the hydroponics field for 40 years – for $130 million. This marked Scotts’ largest acquisition since 1998, when it bought European garden company Rhone-Poulenc Jardin for $147.5 million.

Scotts buying General Hydroponics was a way to create a new revenue stream, which could grow as hydroponics becomes more mainstream.

“Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn sees the purchase as just the first of several moves, all aimed toward the goal of creating a $1 billion yearly business,” Michael said. “That’s a nice addition for a business that currently generates around $3 billion in sales.”

SMG stock also offers a competitive dividend of $0.53 per share (2.14% yield). The company has raised its payout every year since 2010, when it was just $0.13. Most marijuana stocks are unprofitable, meaning they don’t pay dividends at all.

But SMG’s dividend is even better than big peers Central Garden & Pet Co. (Nasdaq: CENT) and Andersons Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE). Central Garden doesn’t offer a dividend, while Andersons only pays $0.16 per share for a 1.80% yield.

With a strong foothold in the hydroponics sector and a generous dividend, SMG is the best marijuana stock to buy today.

A Pot “Bombshell” Just Hit Canada
For our neighbors to the north, it’s shocking news. But it could be the best news of all time for marijuana stock investors. In fact, this single “bombshell” event could unleash a new pot stock boom that will blow the doors off anything we’ve seen up to this point. And by putting a couple of hundred bucks into a handful of tiny Canadian weed companies, you could pocket life-changing gains – turning a few hundred bucks into a fortune overnight.

Watch this now to get all the details…

Somaliland: Presidential Candidates Urge peaceful conduct


Also read Somaliland: presidential Candidates Bury Vote Canvassing Hatchets 

The Ngoma Africa Band – East Africa´s golden voices and most wanted Band


The Ngoma Africa Band aka FFU also known as Anunnaki alien, is East Africa´s most wanted band in Europe. The German based band gained its popularity through their extraordinary stage performance on festivals and other events in and out of Europe, leaving fans always wanting for more.
Ngoma Africa Band with it´s more than two decades experience and encounter with diverse cultures and audiences which has marked it´s success in the music and entertainment industry.

The secret of Ngoma Africa Band can be explained as a result of a large research and fusion between traditional and modern music elements that creates a completely irrestitible dancing groove, difficult to resist by its fans. Nicknamed by fans as FFU (Field Force Unit), Anunnaki aliens or ‘watoto wa mbwa ‘ expressions as a result of the irresitible nature of that transformation it´s audience into a dance fiesta
The Ngoma Africa Band has continously topped the East African music charts with its two released Albums and many singles, all songs composed and written by Founder and also band leader Ebrahim Makunja aka commander Ras Makunja.
With more than 50,000,000 media impressions, Ngoma Africa Band amongst others, recognitions from cultural institutions, international producers, music academies ,Festivals and agencies who will like to take East African music into their music repetoire, Ngoma Africa is a grassroot band and we like to stay focus on its vision, mission and objectives.
The youngest soloist Matondo Benda; drumer Jo Sausa aka surgent Major Jo Sousa, Gaiilo Prof, were onces fans and due to the chance accorded them by NGOMA AFRICA BAND, their dreams of playing on global stage with Ngoma Africa Band became a reality
Ngoma Africa Band´s talents and vocals are Flora William, Jessicha Ouyah, Glory , Aj Nbongo, Mo Benda, Bedi, including multi-talented Chris-B Bakotessa and bandleader Ebrahim Makunja also known as Kamanda Ras Makunja

What makes Ngoma Africa Band different from existing bands in this category, is their ability to communicate with fans at every level -emotions, feelings, happiness, tears, smiles, laughters and keeping their memories warm. „Our music is a tool that creates new friendship and unites old relationships.“ Declares the band leader – Kamanda Ras Makunja
We enjoy travelling and visiting new places just to give our fans a great feeling and satisfaction that they deserved.
The 10 members of the band are focused on promoting the East African Music ‘Bongo Dansi’ on the global stage, Germany, Europe and Africa, and the do this gesture most of the time from private spendings. „Most of the time band spend own money with no sponsors,just to transport East African Music to meet fans in their respective regions“ declares members of the band!
The Ngoma Africa Band and fans shall keep the East african music alive on global stage forever! Thanks to our fans, bloggers, journalist and Djs for playing and spreading the news worldwide, together we promote and brand East Africa through our culture – music: We look forward to performing at your festival, events, private parties and other occassions of your choice. The Ngoma Africa Band is a community band made for community people worldwide.


Click at to listen to the Ngoma Africa music. and

Dahabshiil Group Builds Conference Hall for Hargeisa University


Somalilandsun- A foundation stone-laying ceremony of a new ultra-modern Conference Hall for Hargeisa University conference hall to be constructed on funds donated by Dahabshiil Group of companies was held on Saturday, the 28th of October, 2017.
Mr. Maulid Mohamed, the chief operating officer of SOMTEL, and Dr. Mohamoud Yusuf Muse, the chancellor of Hargeisa University jointly laid the foundation stone for the new conference hall.
Mr. Maulid Mohamed speaking briefly at the event said, “I am happy to announce that Dahabshiil Group will provide the funds for a new conference hall which will cost nearly $100,000 US dollars. We have, in the past, funded numerous projects including boosting infrastructure and recreational facilities plus the long term loans we lend the university for building new classrooms whenever the need arises.”
Dr. Mohamuud Yusuf Muse, the chancellor of Hargeisa University said, “On behalf of the University, I would like thank Dahabshiil Group for its unrelenting support, since the inauguration of University back in year 2000. Dahabshiil Group through financial donations has helped in the construction of nearly 18 classrooms and several halls, gazebos, outdoor seating and service kiosks”.
“Apart from promoting developmental aspect, Dahabshiil Group provides both staff and students with much needed loans not to mention the monetary services which it provides to more than 9000 students and staff who who use dahabshil accounts for varying purposes”, the Rector added.
Mr. Mahdi Aw Omer, the chairman of Al Baraka Construction Company thanked the Hargeisa University board and Dahabshill for awarding his company the tender for the construction of the new conference Hall.
Dahabshill Group also funds many of the leading high learning institutions in the country as well as sponsoring many underprivileged students education which is part of fulfilling its cooperate responsibility.
On the Dahabshiil side, present at the ceremony were Mr. Hassan M Jama, Dahabshiil MT&E PR and a former high-ranking officer of the University who has played an instrumental role in transforming it into a truly academic institution in the early and mid-2000s, and Mr. Khadar Abdirahman, Somtel PR.



Somalilandsun- Somalilanders are tired of continued allegations that the Opposition Wadani party is affiliated with Somalia.
This is according to former water minister Bashe Ali Jama who termed the allegations by ruling Kulmiye party as a cheap vote seeking propaganda unworthy the time and efforts the ruling party puts into. Continue reading

Somaliland: Social services Minister Resigns Less than 10 Days to Presidential Elections


Read more 

Somaliland: Election Observer Mission 2017 is Impartial and Non Partisan

Election observer mission Somaliland 2017

Somalilandsun – “We the international election observer Mission to Somaliland 2017 are not here to pass judgment on any political party or campaign or election process but to solely observe and report on the presidential elections to be held on the 13th November 2017 “
This was informed by the EOM media coordinator Conrad Heine during a briefing to somalilandsun and The Horn Tribune in Hargeisa where he also revealed that the mission which is entirely funded by the British government’s Foreign and commonwealth office-FCO is the biggest to serve in the country so far. continue reading

Somaliland: WADANI leader campaigns in both Sool and Saraar in a day


Read more about the fifth day of Wadani party campaign 

Somaliland: Kalsan TV banned for alleged Fake news


Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has withdrawn the license of Kalsan TV followong a report displaying video footage of gunshots fired during a ruling party Kulmiye presidential elections campaign in Las Anod town.

comtnue reading State Bans Kalsan TV for “Undermining the statehood of Somaliland

Somaliland: New Approach for Somali Security Forces to Prevent Terrorism

Mogadishu terrorism attack

Somalilandsun- During these dangerous times of high tensions in Somalia, terrorism could quickly end if Somali security forces were trained to form what is known in Latin American military circles as Prevention Wings of the Military. These units would be comprised of Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) experts. The purpose of these IDT groups would be to practice the non-religious Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the advanced TM-Sidhi program in group twice a day.

Extensive peer-reviewed research and military field-tests worldwide show that proper application of these specific programs bring about measurable decreases in crime, terrorism and war, and improvements in quality of life, which are thought to be tangible signs of the reduction of societal stress. These changes are measurable from such statistics as reduced terrorism and conflict, crime rates, accidents, hospital admissions and infant mortality.

In highly stressed areas of the globe, establishment of large groups of IDT experts have also increased economic incentives and growth of prosperity. Entrepreneurship and creativity increase as well. Also, on a global scale when large groups of civilian experts gathered from 1983 to 1985, terrorism-related casualties decreased 72 per cent and international conflict decreased 32 per cent. Moreover, such positive changes in social trends take place within a few days or weeks after IDT is introduced.

The IDT approach has been used during wartime, resulting in reduction of fighting, reduced war deaths and casualties, and improved progress toward resolving the conflict through peaceful means. IDT is totally unlike any other defense technology in that it does not use violence in an attempt to quell violence.

It is the high collective stress levels in Somalia that ultimately fuel terrorism and warfare. If dangerous levels of collective stress and frustration are reduced by applying IDT, then Somalia’s governmental leaders and citizens will be more capable of finding constructive and orderly solutions to the irresolute issues plagueing the nation.

With greater civic calm, citizens’ aspirations will rise and a more productive and balanced society will emerge. Then violence as a means for change and/or as an expression of discontent will naturally subside.

The powerful IDT human-resource-based defense technology disallows negative trends and prevents enemies from arising.

No enemies means no war or terrorism and full security, as well as a happy, productive and normal life for everyone.

For these reasons, the IDT approach is advocated by the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP). This non-profit organization hosted an international conference in Kiev, Ukraine (see: Renowned Ukrainian leaders Lt. General (Ret.) Vasyl Krutov, former chief of the Ukraine Anti-Terrorism Center as well as Academician Dr. Sergiy Maksymenko, a distinguished Ukrainian research scientist are among the impressive list of participants who spoke at or voiced their support for the conference. Others included: President Joachim Chissano of Mozambique, who applied innovative IDT programs to end that nation’s civil war; retired Ecuadorian Lt. General José Villamil, who also applied IDT to end war between Ecuador and Peru; and Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.
IDT is a way for the Somali security forces to prevent conflict and terrorism by deploying a proven, simple human resource-based technology, with minimal training and costs needed to implement it. It would cost about as much as one modern fighter jet.

Recent events show that IDT is desperately needed. There is truly no other solution. Somali leaders would be wise to read the proceedings of the GUSP conference and learn how to best rapidly establish perpetual peace.

About the author:

Dr. David Leffler has a Ph.D. in Consciousness-Based Military Defense and served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science ( and lectures and writes worldwide about IDT.

By Dr. David Leffler

Somalia Federal Governent Governent Thanks Dahabshil for Apt Response to Blast in Mogadishu


Somalilandsun- Dr. Fozia Abikar Nour, the Federal Government of Somalia Health minister has commended Dahabshil group for being among first to respond to needs of deadly Mogadishu blast

comtinue reading 

Somaliland:Tone Down Political Bantering” Guurti Warns Parties


Somalilandsun- The  chairman of Guurti Elder Suleiman Mahmud Aden has strongly cautioned against politics of character assassination during ongoing campaign for Somaliland presidential elections.

“Rather than sell your clan why not sell your party manifestoes thus entice voters” said Elder Suleiman adding that whichever party wins shall rule whole country. Continue reading 

Somaliland Modernises Motor Vehicle Registration System

GTS chief executive Khalid Sheikh Muhumed

Somalilandsun- The government of Somaliland has eased vehicle registration and owner identification in the country.

This follows the award of computerized vehicle registration to Global Tech Solutions-GTS Company by the Somaliland national tender board.

During the launch of the system to be jointly operated by the ministry of public works and GTS Company it was revealed that the digitalization of vehicle registration shall avail traffic police instant access to relevant details anywhere anytime.

According to the GTS chief executive Khalid Sheikh Muhumed the incoming vehicle registration systems shall contain not only a digital owner’s book but a complete system as well.

“Upon completion the system shall contain a smart chip with seven features and including 3D hologram” revealed Khalid Sheikh

Apart from the minister of public works Ali Marehan others witnessing launch of the computerized motor vehicle registration system included presidency, Finance and industry ministers as well as chairperson of the national tender board and that of the Somaliland car sellers association

Somaliland: 5 in Custody for Attack on Residence of Wadani Party Presidential Candidate-Police


Somalilandsun- An attack on the person of Abdirahman Irro the Wadani party presidential candidate was foiled by police on the night of 27th October 2017.
Continue reading Somaliland: 5 in Custody for Attack on Residence of Wadani Party Presidential Candidate-Police

Wadani party Pledges a Nepotism Free Somaliland Administration if Irro is Elected President

Wadani Party Presidential Candidate Abdirahman Irro cum speaker of parliament says his party will win forthcoming elections

Somalilandsun “No member of my family shall be involved in state affairs says the Wadani party presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro continue reading


Somaliland: Burao Clerics Ban Music at Wedding Parties and election campaigns


Somalilandsun: the Somaliland Government says Country not in Mourning As Burao Clerics Ban Music at Wedding Parties and election campaigns  Continue reading 

Somaliland – A model for democracy in Africa


Somalilandsun-The first-ever Somaliland Presidential Election Debate has been held in Hargeisa last Thursday, October 19, 2017. All three presidential candidates from the three political parties, AbdirahmanMohamed Abdilllahi from Waddani, Musa Bihi Abdi from Kulmiye and Faisal Ali Warabe from Ucid participated in the debate. It was a well-organized debate similar to the American Presidential debate, with an intelligent and educative performance by the presidential hopefuls. The debate lasted approximately three hours with the central focus on critical national issues such as justice, health, security, education, economy, inflation, unemployment, foreign affairs and human rights.
At the initial stage of the debate, it appears that the three presidential candidates were a bit confused, except Faisal Ali Warabe, the candidate representing the Ucid Party, who is seen by many people as the most outstanding amongst the three candidates, due to his vigour and the intelligent way he articulated problems and solutions relating to critical national issues, in sharp contrast to his counterparts. Faisal, who happens to be the chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Ucid, proffers lots of resounding solutions and far-reaching ideas in tackling the various challenges facing the country, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian Social Democratic policy.

Somaliland Presidential candidates

Information builds on existing facts gathered from popular social media platforms indicated that so many people have taken to his ideas and the smart way he presented his argument, even at a time when his party is undergoing destructive internal conflicts relating to the party’s power-sharing system, which had been a significant challenge in recent years. The energetic and eloquent-speaking Faisal who is contesting for the third time for the presidency accused the other candidates of being part of the problems plaguing the country since both of them have worked with the current and former ruling governments and have a clan-based policy which, in this context, suggests they have poor leadership qualities. Faisal (amidst laughter) emphasised his credibility as a ‘born leader’ and who is anointed to lead Somaliland from economic hardship, injustice and political turmoil in to a life of economic wealth, justice for all, infrastructural development, good health care, and political stability.
As the debate rages on, the other two Presidential candidates hopefuls, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi of Waddani party and Musa Bihi Abdi representing Kulmiye party, both agreed to introduce swift judicial reforms. Musa Bihi pledges to educate and increase the salaries payable to traditional leaders while committing to building all institutions to promote and create more legitimate, accountable and effective judicial system.
On the other hand, Abdirahman expressed his concern about the twin evils of inflation and unemployment, emphasising on the need to build a strong and functional central bank as the only solution for tackling inflation. Abdiranhman highlighted that the Central Bank of Somaliland has the potentials to tame and control inflation, provided the government take its responsibility and introduce strong regulations. The embittered Abdirahman went further by accusing the government and the ruling Kulmiye party of corruption and tribalism; strong allegations which prompted Musa Bihi, the candidate representing the Kulmiye party, to defend both the government and his party, stating that the Siilaanyo-led government have done lots of important things for the country during its mandate period and that he is willing to complete the rest, if given the mandate.
Conversely, Musa Bihi launched out at Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, accusing him of poor leadership qualities during his tenure as Chairman of the Parliament of Somaliland. Musa Bihipointed out the inability of Abdirahman to lead some parliamentary members, as one of his numerous failures as a leader. Going further, Musa Bihi Abdi proudly underlined his wealth of experience and sound knowledge about the people and the country of Somaliland as the superior qualities that set him apart from the other candidates. Going back on memory lane, Musa Bihienumerated on the selfless services and sacrifices he made towards building the nation of Somaliland, while his counterparts–Abdirahman and Faisal–were both living in the Diaspora (Finland). Against this backdrop, Musa Bihi Abdi expressed his concern that Abdirahman and Faisal cannot lead Somaliland in the future.
‘Inspire Group,’ a non-governmental organisation in collaboration with Somali speaking televisions and academy for peace and development were the organisers of the Presidential debate. The most remarkable point is that all those who arranged the debate such as organisers, voluntaries and sponsors were young Somaliland academicians. This portends a positive sign to Africa and the world in general, indicating that the youth of Somaliland are capable of building their future while demonstrating that Somaliland is a model for democracy in Africa.

Somaliland Presidential Election Debate Volunteers

The debate attracted lots of attention from different parts of the world, as prior research findings reveals that the debate clocked over 2.9 million impressions and followers on social media, particularly on Twitter. To make this happen, a well-trained voluntarily youth movement was doing a live streaming from the hall of the debate by using the Hashtag #SomalilandDebates#DoodQaran.
Finally, for those of you who have never heard about Somaliland, it declared independence after the overthrow of Somali military dictator, Siad Barre in 1991. Although Somaliland was not internationally recognized, it has a functioning political system, government institutions, a police force and its currency. The multi-party system has played a vital role in Somaliland’s democracy following the approval of the constitution by the people of Somaliland in 2001.
The year 2003 witnessed Somaliland’s first free and fair presidential election, which was followed by a second poll that was successfully conducted in 2010, bringing into power the current government of President Ahmed Mohamed Siilaanyo. The previous elections were primarily considered free and fair by international observers. Siilaanyo defeated the incumbent, Dahir Riyale Kahin, who was appointed by a council of elders in 2002 and won the country’s first multi-party elections in 2003. It was a peaceful transition of power in a democratically electoral setting.

Musa M. Isse

The author Musa M. Isse is a journalist, author and social entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden
He can be reached at


Somaliland: Anti-Corruption Commission Promises Incoming Administration Apt Public Assets Data

Somaliland Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Commission-_AGC&GGC deputy chairman Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire

Somalilandsun- Contrary to past norms the incoming Somaliland administration post November presidential elections shall be availed a complete and factual data as pertains public property nationwide.
This was informed by the Somaliland Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Commission-_AGC&GGC deputy chairman Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire during a joint interview with somalilandsun and journalist Ahmed M. Suleiman of Dawan newspaper.
“Since May 2017 we have been collating data as pertains all government owned property in Somaliland” revealed the deputy Anti-Corruption Czar adding that data collection in Sanaag, Sool, Toghdeer and Awdal regions is complete thence now Maroodi-jeeh and Awdal ongoing

Queried on the recent president Silanyo decree as pertains the illegality of political parties or supporters using public property in campaigning for the presidential elections slated for November 13th 2017 Commissioner Mukhtar said that the AC&GGC can not impose any restrictions being endowed with only overigth powers will facilitate relevant information to authorised bodies.
As per the oft alleged corruption in public service commissioner Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire said that since assuming office in March of this year pursuit has been to established a digitized data of all publicly owned assets both physical and liquid prior to ascertaining misuse stressing that “Until we establish a factual data base there is no premise to either negate or ascertain ficials” maladministration by any sitting official”
As per allegations by former chairman of the commission pertaining to corruption as reasons behind his resignation earlier in the year, a perturbed Mukhtar wondered while questioning why it took the resigned AC&GGC commissioner seven years since appointment to exit in divulging the corrupt practices in the administration.
Stating that politics was best left to the politicians the deputy Somaliland anti-corruption and good governance czar urged all somallanders registered as voters to exercise their constitutional right without fail
“I hereby urge all citizens registered as voters in Somaliland to exercise their constitutional right and vote for their candidate of choice be if from Kulmiye, UCID or Wadani parties said the deputy chairman of the Somaliland Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Commission-AGC&GGC Mukhtar Yasin Haji Ali Shire while concluding that regardless of incoming administration his body shall be on hand to facilitate apt transfer.


UCID Party Launches Somaliland Presidential Campaign 2017


Somalilandsun – The opposition party UCID which is first in the time table released by NEC has launched its campaign nationwide with presidential candidate Eng Feisal Ali Warabe addressing Toghdeer region residents in the capital Burao. Read More



Somaliland: NEC Allotted Presidential Elections Campaign Schedule Kicks off


Somalilandsun – Campaign for The Somaliland presidential election 2017 officially kicked off on the 21st as per a schedule released by the national elections commission-NEC
According to the schedule the three political parties of UCID, Kulmiye and Wadani shall have an exclusive day for campaigning all over the country and with the timeframe being 21 days each party is allotted seven days

The three national political parties of Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani have fielded as their candidates for the Somaliland presidency in elections slated for 13th November, Muse Behi Abdi, Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Irro Respectively

Continue Reading

Somaliland Presidential Debate Now Set for 19th Oct 2017


Somalilandsun- The much anticipated presidential debate to have been held on the 18th is not set for the 19th Oct, same venue same everything else. Read more

Somaliland: Integrating Mental health Services into the Primary Health Care System


Somalilandsun- Stakeholders are unanimous on the imperatives of establishing a home based mental health care program in Somaliland.
This development emerged during events commemorating the World Mental Health Week 2017, organized by the Somaliland Mental Health Support organization in Hargeisa where, close cooperation between the ministry of Health Mental treatment experts with religious and traditional healers was also termed as long overdue

Continue reading Somaliland: SMHSO Facilitates World Mental Health Week 2017 Commemorations in Hargeisa

Somaliland: Poetry as a Tool of 2017 Presidential Campaign


Somalilandsun- In the runup to November elections for president, political parties and their aspirants are devising new methods of votes solicitation from the largely oral based Somaliland electorate

Somaliland: Peaceful Electioneering Imperative Says President Silanyo

Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID parties aspirants for office of Somaliland president Muse Behi, Abdirahman Irro and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe at the presidency in Hargeisa
Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID parties aspirants for office of Somaliland president Muse Behi, Abdirahman Irro and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe at the presidency in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- Official campaign for the Somaliland presidential elections is set to begin on the 21st of this month.
In this regard President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has urged the three national political parties to ensure that the country’s election laws are observed in addition to adherence of the election code of conduct.

President Silanyo at meeting with Somaliland presidential elections stakeholders

President Silanyo expressed these sentiments during a meeting he hosted at the presidency in Hargeisa participated by members of the National election commission- NEC, High Court Judges, Guurti Elders, Service Commanders and the three presidential candidates namely Muse Behi Abdi, Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and Abdirahman Irro of Kulmiye, UCID and Wadani parties and their running mates respectively.
President Silanyo who is not contesting for a second term upon urging peaceful electioneering conduct during the 21 days of campaigning also stressed upon the importance of the three candidates respecting wishes of citizens as pertains outcome of the 13th November 2017 ballot.

Somaliland army commander General Nuh Ismail Tani and police commissioner Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Imaan at the presidency in Hargeisa

Though Somaliland has constitutionally enshrined laws governing elections, NEC and the three national political parties are signatories to a joint election code of conduct that details not only the DO’s and Don’ts but punishment of any infringements prior, during and after the November polls

Somaliland: We should all be working towards Nolandia



Movie buffs consistently rate the 1942 film ‘Casablanca’ as one of the greatest films of all time. I certainly rank it in my top five and never tire of its sparking wit. Claude Rains who plays Captain Louis Renault delivers a magnificently insightful line when at one point he describes himself thus; “I’m just a poor corrupt official”. The ethics of officialdom could easy prove a rich and near inexhaustible seam for scriptwriters and playwrights. We only need to look around us to see that the morality of some in both the public and private sector is not only dubious, but often the cause of considerable misery and despair. Whilst in ‘Casablanca’ Captain Renault proves to have some redeeming features, the fact is there have always been and sadly probably always will be some in roles of considerable responsibility who have made it their life’s work to defraud and deceive.

Those who aspire to leadership (political or otherwise) are often not helped by the environment in which they find themselves. Positive role models are often lacking and regulatory bodies or boards of directors appear to take their cue from a key line in Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘A Smuggler’s Song’ :

“Them that ask no questions isn’t told a lie.”

In the book entitled: Developing the Ministerial Mindset – A Global View (2013) I explored a number of the challenges encountered in helping prepare government ministers for high office. The following gets to heart of many of the problems faced by all in leadership roles; “The looser the framework, the greater the possibility that ministers and ministries will stray into areas that could be viewed as ethically suspect. Ministerial Codes are not there to be paid lip service to, but are a constant reminder of the responsibilities of high office. When we examine such a code we soon become aware just how challenging living by such as code is. In the United Kingdom, when it comes to Parliamentary conduct and that of those in Public Office the guiding principles are: The Seven Principles of Public Life, sometimes known as the Nolan Principles: Selflessness; Integrity; Objectivity; Accountability; Openness; Honesty and Leadership. For what it is worth I believe that this veritable Magnificent Seven should be embraced by the United Nations and all international bodies and has much to teach both public and private sector alike. Of all these principles Selflessness is one that sits somewhat at odds with the private sector, especially when in relation to Public Life the principles are elaborated upon:

“Selflessness: Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.”

Whilst some might baulk at these principles and dismiss them as idealistic twaddle, it is important to remember that they were born out of an era of political sleaze and waning public trust and were in effect the brainchild of Lord Nolan (1928-2007), a judge who served as the first ever chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life from 1994-1997. In formulating a code of such universal relevance, Nolan drew on the values that had framed his upbringing, his personal faith and his deeply held reverence for his family and of the common good. One might say that what he formulated were the guiding principles of Nolandia, a place we should all be endeavouring to build or emulate in our respective lives and spheres of responsibility.

Mark T. Jones

Twitter: @marktjones500

Somaliland: MP Nana’a is termed Persona non Grata at the Presidency in Hargeisa

Somaliland MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye ‘Nana’a.

Somalilandsun – Formerly at his beck and call, the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa is out of bounds to Member of Parliament Ahmed Mohamed Diriye ‘Nana’a.
This follows instructions issued to the presidential guards not to allow the MP entry, sources close to the palace informed Geeska Afrika
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