By Downing the Indomitable Blackhawk, Somalia Taught the US How to Respect Africa


Somalilandsun- For all the fighting on the streets of Mogadishu, in 1991 US “Rangers” killed 18 people, and another 84 soldiers were injured. In addition, the rebels destroyed three Black Hawk helicopters, three Hammers and one truck.

Considering that the elite of the American Special Forces participated in the operation, its results were considered catastrophic. The failure in Somalia was painfully perceived by US Secretary of Defense Les Aspin, who immediately resigned.

What happened in Mogadishu caused a wide public response in the United States to which President Bill Clinton could not but respond. Under his order, all military operations in Somalia were curtailed, and by March 31, 1994, the final withdrawal of the contingent of American troops from the country is planned. An indefinite truce was concluded with the leader of the Somali opposition, Aidid.

The operation in Mogadishu was the last in which such large ground units of the American troops were involved. From now on, the Pentagon will be more careful about the lives of its military, preferring to rely on air strikes. In 2001, Ridley Scott directed The Black Hawk Down, a film about the tragic events of October 1993. Continue reading The Day Somalia Taught the USA how to Respect Africa