Somaliland: ABCs Dingani Masaku Off-Camera Backstory of Sick and Starving Children


Somalilandsun-We are in Burao in Somaliland where a heart-rending tragedy is unfolding before our very eyes. Writes ABC news Africa producer/Cameraman Dingani Masuku on the Tragic Story of Sick and Starving children in Somaliland
My colleague Africa correspondent Sally Sara is filming a family with five extremely malnourished children at the town’s biggest hospital. Watch Her heartrending video below
“The ward is full of sick, malnourished children and you can see every bone in their wasted bodies continues the Dingani narration adding that “ However, something stands out about this family Sally is filming” adding that A terrible sense of foreboding hangs over them.
This trepidation was confirmed in a sad message by the Toghdeer Regional Health Officer Dr Yusuf Dirir who in an email mail communication wrote “Dear Dingani, I am so sorry to let you know that baby Canab Jama Abdullahi passed away a day after your interview, This is how it is day in and day out in the drought-and-disease-devastated Somaliland”
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