Somaliland: Disregard of Laws Might Impinge Successful Elections-CPA Report


Somalilandsun- Despite warnings given by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the two main political parties continue ignoring the Code of Conduct by conducting campaigns, which are illegal since The law prohibits the political parties to campaign during the registration process.
This according to a report by the Centre for Policy Analysis-CPA Which reveals that the covert electioneering by the political parties of UCID, Wadani and ruling Kulmiye are being undertaken in the guise of motivating voters to collect their cards.
Currently the Somaliland voter cards issuance process for the upcoming presidential elected scheduled on November 13, 2017 enters the last and third stage in Sool and Sanaag regions launched by NEC on 12th August 2017 and running for 28 days.
The CPA which is a Hargeisa Somaliland based organization with the objective of assisting
in the field of countries of Horn of Africa region to build, peace, democracy, human rights and effective governance systems where all citizens are equal says that apart from the covert and illegal electioneering ongoing, the disputed election of speaker of parliament that pits MP Bashe Mohamed Farah of Kulmiye against Abdirahman Mohamed Mahmud ‘Talyanle’ of Wadani is a pointer to untenability of presidential elections in Somaliland as slated this November.
Adding spice to the acts running contrary to pursuit of a fair, transparent and timely democratic process are a number of incidents the CPA terms as ugly namely
I. The use of polarizing and sensitive remarks by political parties and members
II. The protracted Political conflict in Khatumo, which has failed to calm the east of Somaliland despite reconciliations
III. Inter-clan violence conflict in El-afweyn,
IV. in a edition to the disputed speaker’s election
The CPA reports says that the above issues among many others are key risks to upcoming election, and if not addressed expeditiously November 13th 2017 will not see polls in the country.

Read the full CPA report Titled The biggest threat to Somaliland elections is violation of Laws