Somaliland: Imperatives of Quest for Recognition, INGO Policies and Talks with Somalia


Somalilandsun – The Country needs to put new regulations in place to direct the international non-governmental organizations.  For example, in hiring employees the NGOs must precedence qualified Somaliland citizens over foreigners. Any NGO that does not seriously fulfill its commitments must not operate in Somaliland.

In a piece titled Somaliland: Maintaining the Development Momentum, Dr. Yusuf Dirir Ali further argues that “The incoming Somaliland government must wage media and diplomatic marathon to achieve its ultimate national object – the recognition of its sovereignty.  The Somaliland-Somalia dialogue on their future relations is an issue that is very close to the hearts of all Somalilanders and it needs to be treated diligently

somaliland somalia talks

As or talks with Mogadishu the author says “Realistically speaking, the venue of the Somaliland-Somalia talks must not be in Turkey or in other Arab or Muslim country, simply because, these countries are not sympathetic and prepared to see a geopolitical change in this part of the world.

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