Somaliland Mental Health Support Org Beneficiaries Receive Donations from the Turkish Red Crescent


Somalilandsun – Patients at various Mental hospitals in Somaliland as well as a large number of children from poor families and Internally Displaced Persons have benefited from donations availed by the Turkish Red Crescent.

The assortment of Turkish donations was received on behalf of the target beneficiaries by officials of the Somaliland mental health Support organization –SMHSO in Hargeisa with the presence of Dr Ahmed Omar Askar, Director General of  Hargeisa Group Hospital in witness.

The Turkish donation included an assortment of foodstuffs and clothing’s as well as 450 heads of cattle and over 4000 sheep’s and goats.

Founded in 1868 the Turkish Red Crescent is the largest humanitarian organization in Turkey and is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Somaliland was among 40 other countries worldwide to receive similar Turkish donation

While handing over the goods the Turkish Red Crescent team leader in the function said that the donation was a gift from the people of Turkey to their Somaliland Brethren especially during these moments when Muslims all over the world are celebrating the new Islamic Year 1440 Hijri.

Upon thanking the people of Turkey for the donation and the Turkish Red Crescent for facilitating delivery  the director General of the Hargeisa Group Hospital, Dr Ahmed Askar said that the friendship of the peoples and governments of Somaliland and Turkey is not only long standing and beneficial to both but historical as well.


In a post event briefing to The Horn Tribune Newspaper and  the SMSHO Senior Technical Advisor Prof Eid Ali Salaan said that “the donation did not only come  at a very apt moment  but has been  distributed fairly to target beneficiaries”

Accordingly inpatients at the Hargeisa group hospital and Gabile hospital mental health units in addition to a large number of identified needy families from the two regions shared out an assortment of packed foodstuffs and clothing as well an equal share, per head, from the donated 450 heads of cattle’s.

Prof Eid also revealed that the Turkish donation was also dispatched to the eastern region of Toghdeer where the allocated packages of foodstuffs and clothing as well as 4000 goats and sheep’s were distributed to the targeted beneficiaries within the region.

Apart from thanking the Turkish Ted Crescent for its Largesse  as well Participation in distribution to target beneficiaries, Prof Eid A Salaan also commended Mr Yasser Arish, a senior advisor at the Somaliland  ministry of Interior for his succesful facilitation of contact between the SMSHO and the Turkish red crescent.

About the SMSHO


Headquartered in Cardiff Wales, the Somaliland Mental Health Support Organization maintains operational offices in Hargeisa where it undertakes various support activities pertaining to improving status of mental health in the country through the largesse of its British Somalilanders founders as well as other Diaspora based nationals of this country

Since establishing an operational office in the country the SMSHO has undertaken tangible mental health activities notably