Somaliland: Sahra Halgan Preserving Local Culture and Lobbying For Recognition, Musically

Sahra Halgan returned to Somaliland from France to help rebuild the country after much of it was destroyed during war and open Hiddo-Dhowr" the country's only music venue in the capital Hargeisa.

Somalilandsun- Despite 26 years of peace since declaring independence from Somalia in 1991, not a single country has recognized Somaliland.
But to Sahra Halgan one of the country’s most popular singer who has on times been very outspoken with views on the state of the country, this Non recognition status is not for long for she hopes to change this through her music.

With her band she highlights the fight and struggle for recognition to audiences all over the world writes Chris Giles for a CNN piece titled The star singing for Somaliland’s recognition