Somaliland: Somalis Main Problem is Lack of Leadership


Somalilandsun-Good Leadership is a creator of hopes, solved problem, he has long vision on how to reach his future goals, also makes changes and sets up good plans on leadership matters.
Until now the Somalia central government which collapsed in 1991 and after they overthrew Siad Barre’s dictatorship government, the situation of Somalia republic is growing worse day by day in insecurity, political violence, civil war, pirates and and terrorism organizations.

Moreover, a majority of Somali population is living in rural areas and the illiterate rate is very high, children are not able to go to school, instead of taking books they in turn change with guns and join Al-shabab militant group. Somali people have faced money problems that causes an extreme level of poverty, hunger, instability and lack of leadership.
On the other hand, Staying in Somalia are more than 22000,000 foreign troops in the front line from countries such as, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Djibouti, which troops are called African Union mission for Somali{AMISOM}, of which have also failed to bring back peace and security to Somali.

They have a full mandate to fight Al-shabaab, but Amisom only controls strategic places, like the main port in Moqdisho, Airport, UN offices, the presidential Villa for Somalia, government builds and sometimes participated in the fight against Al-shabaab militant group.
Somali government depends on international aid and international forces, Somalia is believed to be a failed state, sometimes its called a fragile state or weak government, that explains lack of leadership, political dirt in Somalia and the end of hopes for the people.
The big challenge for the Somalia is a Al-shabab controlling large rural areas in the south and the central region of Somalia, they always take regular attacks, for example hit and run attacks, gallirre war, suicide attacks with targets of foreign troops bases, government headquarters and civilians.
Al-shabab war crossed the borders of Somalia and has effected Kenya and Uganda, Al-shabaab for a long time has been fighting to impose sharia law.
After almost three decades, Somali withdrew the transitional system, it has a new government, parliament and upper house all bodies of government do not come from one man one vote, but they come from a selections process, still war and turmoil is on a continuous process and no body knows the future of Somali.

In Somalia there is no system of strong government and no functional institutions, there is no transparency, accountability, corruption is very easy, a majority of the people are happy without system.
Finally, Somalia needs real leaders who are patriotic, but Somalia doesn’t need greedy leaders, war lords, radical clerics. The main problem Somali republic being lack of leadership, intervention from so-called international community, if Somalia is to get right a person or a convenient leader, we will willing have better days.

The covert prime minister of Somaliland

Abdillahi Axmed Arshe, Hargeisa, Somaliland