Somaliland: The Country’s Amateur Politicians

The Amateur Politicians of Somaliland

SomalilandSun- As the country gears herself to hold yet another late election following a couple of postponement which saw the incumbent Alias Silanyo cling to power for an illicit two years extention. The political climate of Somaliland is now a full throttle an extravaganza where amateur politicians are busy ferrying would be voters to registration polling stations to collect their voters’ cards.
These short sighted politicians and their sponsors, the three national parties Kulmiye,Wadani and UCID and a clique of so called tribal chieftains are now propagating and spewing venom:clannish propaganda to woo the Thomases to promote the so called amateur politicians candidature in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential election slated to take place on 10th November 2017.
What is at stake?

after elections the unsuspecting voter in Somaliland is left to waddle in abject poverty

The unsuspecting voters are then enticed to surrender their voters cards to these rogue politicians so that come the election day after being greased with a peanut cash or call it a bribe they have no other options but blindly vote for these rogue misfits. Interestingly the parties that sponsor them have no mechanisms in place to filter out the miscreants,robbers,fraudsters and criminals with history of all sort of unorthodox methods from smooth talkers who cannot jot their names on paper to drug smugglers deportees from Europe, Canada and the States to romour mongers good in the art of spreading propaganda have a field day manipulating the traditional elders who are easily bought by the highest bidder.
A local daily called ‘Foore’ reported about some politician coughing as much as $300 to buy these voters cards from the electorate.

The worst case scenario is after the elections of members of parliament who have no constituents or constituencies to represent will draw a hefty salary in House of Representatives for doing nothing. Others will fly out of the country immediately after confirmations of their election to party in London,Paris and NewYork while the poor voters will be waiting to see them legislate policies that could remove them from the muck and bring in the much needed development in many arenas of the Somaliland gloomy economic spheres.

the ordinary citizen of Somaliland suffers from the inept politicians conduct

No wonder the current parliament has over stayed their five years tenure and are now on their twelfth year’s with little to show of physical development of their constituents who are from their respective clans.

History has already put them on the spotlight they have been bought on the eleventh hour the whole parliament save a few like a one true son of Somaliland his name is Hon.Saeed ELMI Rooble most of his colleagues according to political pundits in around the country have been paid from sum of $10000 to as much as $50000 to support government sponsored Bill’s into law. This is done by vulture power brokers
with close proximity to the sanctum of power at the presidential mansion. Somaliland parliament with many losers in her midst has been turned to a theatre of corruption. These amateur politicians are real opportunist who have failed their electorate.
Once bitten twice shy voters have to learn from experience as it is the best teacher and for this reason scrutinize their would be members of parliament with a microscopic eyes to rid this country of leeces who thrive on the blood of the electorate.

The Amateur Politicians of Somaliland

All these fiascos could not have happened had the three national political parties K ulmiye,Wadani and UCID held elections within and without introduced measures that could promote well educated people with university degrees and professionals to run for office. THENCE these sly smooth talkers with nothing to offer and who only thrive in tribal propaganda could not have the means to hijack their agenda and wreck havoc in Somaliland political arena.

By: Guleid Abdi Mahir