NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the above trade marks are the trade marks of:

Fonterra Brands (Singapore) Pte Limited, a Singaporean company of 182 Cecil Street, #15-01 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547

and is used in connection with:

Dairy products in this class; dairy based beverages and powders; milk; milk beverages including fortified milk beverages (milk predominating); UHT (ultra high temperature) milk; ESL (extended shelf life) milk; condensed milk; milk substitutes in this class; milk concentrate; flavoured milk; flavoured milk powder; milk products; milk powder; milk protein; cream (dairy products); butter; edible oils; edible fats; cheese; whey; yoghurt; dessert products in this class (dairy products predominating); confectionery including chocolate, candy and liquorice; ice, ices, ice blocks and ice cream confectionery; puddings and desserts in this class; ice cream and ice cream products, including yoghurt ice cream; powders for making ice cream; ice cream cones; ice cream desserts; sorbet; frozen novelties namely, confectionery ices, edible ices, flavoured ices, ice lollies, ice milk bars, ice pops, ice cream cakes, frozen confectionery bars, ice cream bars and confections; frozen puddings in this class; frozen yoghurt; toppings, namely chocolate toppings and sugar sprinkles and sauces for ice cream or other goods; fruit juice in the form of frozen confections; bakery products; bread; preparations for making bakery products, namely mixes containing flour, sugar, baking powder, flavourings, baking spices, or confectionery to which liquid is added to combine to make baked goods including biscuits, cakes, breads, doughs, or pastries; powders for edible ices; sherbets (ices); honey; sugar; chocolate beverages and chocolate based beverages; cocoa; cocoa beverages and cocoa based beverages; powders for making flavoured beverages; malt for human consumption; malt extract for food; coffee; artificial coffee and coffee substitutes; coffee based beverages; tea, including herbal teas and flavoured teas; tea-based beverages; custard; custard mixes; semolina; snack foods being wheat based, cereal based, corn based, rice based, maize based, or potato or cassava starch based; food bars consisting of a combination of cereal based ingredients with or without a milk powder base; prepared meals including gruel with a milk base, rice based prepared meals, or pasta based prepared meals; muesli; muesli bars; snacks manufactured from muesli; sauces and condiments in this class; cereal products in this class; biscuits; pastry; treacle; instant porridge; oat porridge; barley porridge; wheat porridge; gruel; gruel, with a milk base, for food; processed cereals; high-protein cereal bars; processed grains; rice pudding; wheat starch flour; wheat-based snacks; processed wheat; batter mixes; cake batter; porridge batter; pancake batter; bread batter; flour and preparations made from cereals; barley snacks; barley meal; drinks made from cereals; cereal-based beverages; rice-based beverages; non-alcoholic beverages including cereal based beverages also containing soya and dairy milk; mineral and aerated water and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit- and other-based syrups, and other preparations for making beverages; fruit based drinks and fruit juices; vegetable based drinks and vegetable juices; energy drinks; sports beverages; high protein drinks; grain, wheat, oat and cereal-based beverages with or without fruit or vegetable juices or extracts; plain and fortified soya-bean derived beverages; drinks made from cereals; rice-based beverages; cereal-based beverages; whey beverages; whey based beverages; protein based beverages; fortified water; hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic beverages.

NOTICE IS ALSO GIVEN that legal proceedings will be taken against any person or company who uses the said trade marks or any imitations thereof or who otherwise infringes the rights of the said company.